Yacht Island Streets of Monaco – The Floating Boutique

Yacht Island Streets of Monaco – The Floating Boutique

It’s a very clever marketing concept, design something so ridiculous that could potentially be fathomed in order to create a buzz around ones company. Well yacht island design have achieved just that, they have taken a snapshot of everything Monaco offers and place it on a floating boutique. This extravagant playground has been Modelled on none other than the city of Monte Carlo colloquially known by it’s municipality Monaco. The Streets of Monaco features exhaustive replicas of landmarks like the Monte Carlo Casino, the Hotel de Paris, La Rascasse, topping it all off with a beach like swimming pool.

The total cost of construction for this fully functioning superyacht is estimate to be in excess of $1billion. Below is the cost as compared to some of the most expensive super yachts currently sailing the seven seas.

Roman Abramovich’s – Eclipse

eclipseEstimated cost of $1.5billion by the time it was launched almost doubling the initial intended cost.

Unknown – History Supreme

history supreme yacht

While not being the biggest fish in the sea this yacht eclipses the rest by cost because of it’s gold plating. Coming in with an estimated price tag of $4.5billion, the unknown saudi prince that commissioned this must keep it in a exceptionally secure location.

Andrey Melnichenko – A

A superyachtA rather perculuar looking yacht designed by Philippe Starck this yacht has the modest price tag for $350million.

So with the predicted cost of $1billion we could see this development costing nearer $2B should the project ever be commissioned.

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most lavish racing events of the year, so it’s only suitable for parts of this circuit to be the keystone features on this yacht island. The design incorporates a fully functioning karting circuit that you can your compatriots can race around until you can crown a winner. If racing doesn’t tickle your fancy then how about tennis? or professional sunbathing? All can be done with ease at either the tennis court that doubles up as a helipad or within the two pools and lounging areas. The design states that this yacht is suitable for 16 people, however we think that this is a very conservative number and the boat will become far more alive when 500 people descend upon it. What else is a floating city really good for?

yacht island streets of monaco pool

The entire concept certainly raises a few eyebrows here at The Luxe Travel as why someone actually needs such a place rather than a typical super yacht? It seems a rather introverted thing to do, hide away on your own Monaco replica instead of enjoying the real thing. Not that there is anything wrong with being introverted it’s just that it’s usually a trait not found in multi billionaires.

The inside of this Goliath is a fully equipped gym, spa, manicure salon, as well as a bar and huge as well as the grand atrium. This has taken inspiration from the Titanic with it’s sweeping staircase and classy decor.

We’ll have to wait and see whether something like this ever gets created but it certainly will cause a stir on how the super rich spend their money.

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