Winter Walk In Richmond Park

Richmond park is a stones throw away from Central London. Many people have an opinion on the best parks in London for a sunday walk, some say Hampsted others Alexandria. My favourite is Richmond for the pure escape, variety and landscape. If you’re ever at a wits end on what to do on an unplanned Sunday and the sun is shining, Richmond is the place to go.

It started off frosty, yet surprisingly pleasant in the sun.

frost-start frost-on-leaves

We ventured across a heron grabbing some lunch before heading up into the wooded area of the park.


At this time of year the woodland is a golden kickabout.



The woods are home to a variety of animals from Deer to Parakeet’s. Quite the unexpected in the middle of winter hearing a shriek of a somewhat tropical green bird whizzing over your head.

The lake was frozen in places, birds stood on the ice close to where the “shore” was. It was quite surreal and surprisingly thick in places.

img_6515 img_6518

Overall a truly lovely weekend walk to get some fresh air and get in touch with nature, which is ever so hard to do living in Westminster!


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