Travel Trends and Upcoming Destinations in 2015

Travel is changing, it’s clear that nice Egyptian cotton sheets and a breathtaking view of the mediterranean is not always going to be enough to entice people who have limited time to holiday. Why? Well at the end of the day if you do the same thing every year to similar destinations then those memories are going to blend into one. There has to be a unique proposition and experience that’ll leave a lasting impact. This is our key take away for travel in 2015.

Another evolution is that people are not doing what they used to do 10/20 years ago. My father used to play golf every weekend when I was in my adolescence, he’s traded that in for mountain biking and is descending mountains at a pace that frightens the living daylight out of me. He and countless others aged 30-65 are trading golf for mountain and road biking and other more extreme sports. I don’t mean to offend any keen golfers but playing golf doesn’t leave the same impact as traversing a rocky outcrop in the dolomites, surrounded by snow topped peaks and eagles soaring above. Adventure travel is certainly on the up!


 Our Top 5 Travel Trends in 2015

Luxury Adventure Travel Packages

Kayaking, Alaska

One of the things we’ve witnessed over the last two years is that there is a lot of interest in unordinary. Stock brokers are not only looking for a luxury villa in the mountains they’re after a package that’ll take them away from reality and open them up to new experiences. This can be anything from surfing and rock climbing to camel tours through the desert. Tour operators who’re offering these sorts of experiences are going to be very well placed in 2015. As you’ll see in the quick fire interview with Ana below, Fourseasons are capitalising on this very well within the luxury market.

People are taking more holidays


The economy is “recovering” and more people than ever before are expecting to take a holiday this year. The most affluent are expecting to take 4.7 holidays this year. We expect this will cause demand to spike for popular destinations such as the south of France and undoubtedly raise villa and hotel prices during the peak season. We’ve recently partnered with Luxury retreats and they’re seeing huge demand so if you’re looking for a villa this summer it’s worth checking them out! More holidays ultimately means more short haul trips as the amount of holiday time people are allocated hasn’t increased. We expect in Europe at least city breaks to be on the rise, so we should see an influx of people into capital cities across Europe.

Aquatic Adventures

manta sundeck

If you’re a follower of travel press releases you may have noticed a lot of activity in underwater and aquatic hotel adventures. Hotels in Bora Bora as depicted by many peoples desktop wallpapers are always going to be in high demand however a new angle has spun off. Developers have been taking them a step further and offering entire hotels below the surface. Individual hotel rooms such as this one in Tanzania are also trending, aimed at couples looking for that memorable trip. Cruise ships may be a thing of the past as companies explore commercial submarine cruises. The price of which initially is at very much a premium but as more and more people enter this market it’ll be on the affordable end of the luxury spectrum.

Off the beaten path

pathways in isola bella

Global citizens are growing and with this growth comes the inquisition to discover more about the world we live in. This transpires in wanting to go beyond the first glance and explore the nitty, gritty details of destinations, their history and hidden locations. We set up an off the beaten path section and we’ve only seen traffic and interest grow to the destinations we’ve featured so far. Instead of touring the typical tours of the amphitheatres and churches people are becoming more interests of the secrets of cities. I’m sure every traveller has a memory similar to finding a small local tavern and dancing the night away on the locally made wine and good, fresh food. Going global yet going local is what people are looking to ensure they do.

It’s all about Europe

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 19.57.13If you follow the currency markets closely you’ll have noticed that the Euro is at it’s weakest in 11 years. That means if you’re from the US or the UK then it’ll be cheaper for you to experience, well everything! I expect with the QE in effect in Europe until 2016 it’s going to be good value until the eurozone economy recovers. We’re big fans of Europe as it’s teeming with all sorts of history and many different experiences, this article we wrote might be interesting for you if you’re interested in the different cities.

Feature Blogger insight

Thanks to Ana, Paul and Charli who contributed their thoughts on this years travel trends!

What are the three core travel trends you see being popular in 2015?
Interestingly, I see a lot of early bookings (possibly as a result of very good sales in January). I myself went on a booking binge as the year changed. On a more general note – I see social media recommendations being increasingly important, and people very actively looking for content and detail – people want to know what they are spending their money on and expect outstanding service, not just during the travel experience, but also before and after. Lastly, but certainly not the least, I see travel agents being more and more important, as the added extras are more valuable than ever (be that upgrades, or not).
What three destinations do you think are most up and coming?
I am very excited by BA’s new summer routes and looking forward to revisiting some places I have not been to for 20 years, like Madeira in Portugal (which is definitely not for OAPs) and Seville in Spain. The Greek Islands are also calling my name, as I refuse to get on a low cost flight to a fab hotel.
Of all the package holiday types, which do you feel will be the most popular in the luxury travel industry?
I think the Four Seasons Jet upcoming trips are my typic of packaged holidays (just kidding!). But seeing how quickly the first trips announced sold out, you know they are on to something.
What are the three core travel trends you see being popular in 2015?

Unique experiences. Travellers continue to want seek out new experiences when they venture away from home.  The more unique, the better.

Culinary travel. As we become more and more obsessed about what we eat and drink, the luxury travel industry continues to respond, be that through cookery workshops with a Michelin starred chef, staying on a luxury wine estate with nothing but vineyards as far as the eye can see, or something else.

Digital detox. It’s perhaps catering for a minority, but a growing one. An increasing number of luxury travellers want to leave their busy, stressful lives behind them (if they can).

What three destinations do you think are most up and coming?

Japan – the country is seemingly waking up to the overseas tourist industry. Aman Resorts have opened their first hotel there (in Tokyo) and have more planned for the country in the pipeline. Starwood are about to open their first Luxury Collection hotel in Kyoto. Expect plenty more to happen between now and the Olympics in 2020.

Switzerland – the Swiss know how to do luxury, with the usual efficiency that they apply to most aspects of their daily lives. Whether you go for the Winter skiing or the Summer scenery, the Swiss Alps remain a huge draw for luxury travellers, with many very high end catered chalet options.

Singapore – currently celebrating its 100th anniversary, Singapore has seen significant transformation in the last few years alone. Luxury hotels abound, it’s home to the world’s biggest greenhouse with the magnificent Gardens by the Bay, and – for motor enthusiasts out there – it’s now firmly fixed on the F1 calendar.

Of all the package holiday types, which do you feel will be the most popular in the luxury travel industry?

Specifically tailored packages are the way forward for the luxury traveller. The industry needs to identify the needs of luxury travellers on an individual basis and tailor specific itineraries and recommendations to their personal requirements.

Charli – Wanderlusters

Charli and ben

What are the three core travel trends you see being popular in 2015?

Luxury travel has long been associated with extravagant price tags, however we are seeing a rise in the use of shared economy travel tools like House Sitting, Camp in My Garden – think Airbnb meets the outdoors, and WithLocals – a platform for locals to offer their own unique tours of their region.

Off the beaten path travel is becoming more popular among luxury travellers keen to steer clear of over crowded tourist hotpots. Just because the path isn’t well worn doesn’t mean you’ll be living out of a backpack and sleeping under the stars. Live aboard dive trips to remote atolls, hiking trips with glamping style accommodations, and kayaking tours with gourmet lunches are all on our radar this year.

Longer long haul flights and fewer connections. With flights from Dallas to Sydney, LA to Abu Dhabi, and New York to Guangzhou (Southern China), taking off in 2014, it is now easy to hop to the other side of the globe to explore

What three destinations do you think are most up and coming?

Zimbabwe. We want to canoe on the lower Zambezi and raft on the upper Zambezi, then explore the magnificent National Parks like Hwange, the Mana Pools, Matusadona and Chizarira.

Japan. We’d love to spend a few nights in a traditional Japanese inn, known as a ryokan, where rooms feature sliding paper walls, straw mats and Japanese versions of futons. Not our usual style of adventure travel, but a unique and memorable experience none the less!

New Zealand. We’ve just spent the last 18 months explore New Zealand, and we tell everyone we meet that the country is a must for those who love adventure. Indomitable mountainscapes, vast glaciers, and alpine lakes offer a playground of activities and experiences for those who love the outdoors.

Of all the package holiday types, which do you feel will be the most popular in the luxury travel industry?

Those with the freedom to explore the world outside the resort, with expertise in local countries to help uncover unique experiences.

Our Top 3 Travel Destinations 2015



Croatia is beautiful, equipped with historic towns and turquoise coastline. It’s a place to relax, explore and party the summer away, with a club scene that’ll make everyone young at heart.

South America

South America thanks to the World cup and the Olympics in 2016, Brazil and South America is very much on the radar at the moment. With it’s wild scenery South America can really offer adventure tourists something extraordinary which is why we think it’ll feature highly this year.



Greece has been shown to host a whole array of celebrities in recent times. It caters very well to the luxury sector and you’ll not find anything else like it, with plenty of off the beaten path locations and sights to see!

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