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Spa Bleu parlour
In the heart of historic downtown Savannah, Spa Bleu settles you down in the warm embrace of traditional, elegant southern comfort for a truly relaxing spa experience. Whatever your worries, they don't reach you here.

Spa Bleu provided a very relaxing experience, true to its philosophy of traditional Southern comfort and hospitality. What takes it to the next level? Its dedicated use of completely organic products of the Emminence Organics range.

My ‘petite’ facial felt anything but – I left the dark room feeling completely relaxed and refreshed, but not drained. Sometimes, I feel like I just want to crash after a spa treatment. This treatment was particularly rejuvenating, and I think I largely have my wonderful masseuse and dermatological specialist Tamela to thank for that. She addressed my key concerns and explained the products and treatment afterwards, providing useful recommendations for products to address my goals. Her technique was gentle and thorough, and I immediately felt the refreshing effects of the combination of her treatment and the wonderful products she used as she started working away my facial worries.

My particular concern regards some sun spots that have developed on my forehead and over my eyebrows over the past year. I know exactly what they are from – my skin peeled after a little too much time in the sun last summer, and the sun has darkened the exact spots that were peeling. My delicate skin, I pledge to better protect you! 

Tamela used the Emminence brightening range on me, as well as their Bearberry under eye cream, which she suggested I use as a spot treatment as well if I wanted more specific, controlled lightening as opposed to allover.

At the moment, I actually prefer facials to body massages. It’s easier to get comfortable and remain that way. I love to lie there in the darkened, aromatic room while my face gets the specialised treatment it needs (and deserves) to stay young, fresh and healthy. We might be tempted to feel that indulging in a facial is over the top and unnecessary, but it’s a truly worthy investment in preventing pre-mature aging, reducing existing ‘maturities’ and, most importantly, destressing.

The relaxation room was a bit small but absolutely beautiful and, indeed, very relaxing. Spa Bleu provides teas, coffee and water for you to sip on before or after your treatments.

What is extra special about Spa Bleu is that it’s located in the heart of downtown Savannah, so you couldn’t ask for a better location to have lunch, shop around and get a spa treatment with the girls. In fact, I was taking my mother out for a special day, just because. She shared that her treatments were equally wonderful; Spa Bleu’s classic facial includes special consultation and is tailored to your skin’s unique needs and your unique goals. She asked for a general refresh for her maturing (but still lovely) skin, and indeed she was absolutely glowing afterwards. Her warm cinnamon head and scalp massage was absolutely decadent, and she carried it with her all day…I could smell her treatment in progress as I left my own, and felt as if I myself was getting some secondhand benefits on the drive back home! Sweet as a Savannah cinnamon roll 😉

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Forsyth Park fountain

Tybee Island Pier from underneath

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