Islands Walter White Could Have Bought

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched Breaking Bad, this post contains mild spoilers.


We’ve all daydreamed about what we would do if we won the lottery, found some buried treasure or made some quick cash in a shady business. For some it would be buying a fleet of super cars, getting our closest friends and driving perpetually through Italian mountain passes. Others may travel the world with no expense spared. Everyone with the exception of a certain Walter White.

Walter White is certainly one crafty character–he used his cunning and a huge endowment of luck to accumulate a vast sum of money. He doesn’t actually keep track of it himself but AMC estimated the figure to be around $80 million. It is not our intent to put criminal thoughts in the minds of our readers but we have come up with a better alternative to stockpiling all that cash.

A Damn Island!

Buying a private island would have solved all of Walt’s problems. Albeit using cash is tricky when it comes to purchasing property, Saul surely could have found a way. Another fun fact about owning an island is that you can actually turn it into a country. A guide on that can be found here. Back on track, we’ve searched the web for islands currently for sale around the world, some in the most remote locations, so you could disappear and never be heard from again.

Patagonia, Chile $3.7million

patagonia island

Escaping to Jurassic Park is a fantastic option. This island is the size of Hawaii, and there is only one development opportunity on it with exclusive access to the Isla Magdalena National Park. It boasts 26 waterfalls, luscious waters teeming with life and rainforest unexplored. It may be sort of a cliche, Walter White moving down to South America to be closer to other drug lords, however the remoteness of this place is a very worthwhile factor. The kids will also have a great time and it could make for an interesting rendition of Walt of the Jungle.

Maldives $2.5million

Private Island Maldives

We recently touched on the beauty of the Maldives in a post on underwater hotels. Walter White could have bought at least 20 of these islands valued at $2.5 million each. The issue of rising sea levels wouldn’t have been a factor to deter his investment, as he would have been spending his few remaining days in upmost luxury. Securing developments on the islands is relatively easy as the government would like to secure as much funding as possible to help them relocate a nation when they become climate refugees. Building a vast complex with panoramic views across the Indian Ocean would have been a number one priority for Walt.

French Polynesia $1million

Moute Iti

Mount Iti is a small island in French Polynesia boasting the typical Tahitian style of living that any city dwellers would relish as an exotic escape. Walt, famous for his blue meth, would feel right at home in these turquoise waters. The island has a series of shacks, and he would have enough cash left over to burn for cooking the fish he caught for a good year!

Greece -$49million


This island would be The One if Walt wanted to show his financial force. Greece is one of our personal favourite destinations, with deep blue waters, depthless legendary history and a culture you desperately wish to belong to, this is the island of choice. It’s quite clear Skylar could do with a romantic getaway to rekindle the lost flame in their relationship–where better than the birthplace of Aphrodite to make this happen? With an area of 1335 acres, there is plenty of space for the kids to get lost and for Walt and Skylar to get some alone time while watching the sun set over the Mediterranean.

Lest we forget transport…

Although Gustavo was the brain behind the distribution network, Walter has to have some means of supplying and moving around his new purchase. A boat is the first method of transportation he would need. Here we have two options: a $30 million sailing boat going by the name of Twizzle, or a $25 million motor yacht, Glaze.

Screen shot 2013-09-26 at 22.18.04

Screen shot 2013-09-26 at 22.21.11

These particular examples can be found at Both may seem fun but a smaller RIB may be the answer, as these featured will bring too much unwanted attention and pesky tourists wanting to grab a picture if they’re caught moored in the island’s lagoon.

High Tech Transportation

There are currently some exciting developments in new travel methods. One that catches the eye as being useful for jumping between islands and superyachts is a jet pack. Far more convenient than say a helicopter or plane, a jetpack can be deployed almost instantly. Martin in New Zealand hopes to have one offered to the public next year.

It may well ruin the sanctity of the island but would be a lot of fun.

That pretty much sums up what we think Walter White should have done with his cash–we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below

Affordable Private Islands

We here at The Luxe Travel like to cater luxury to all, so we’ve searched for a private island that isn’t a seven figure sum. For a mere $500,000 you can buy Pink Pearl Island in Nicaragua, which has 3 private residences. You can either relocate your family or rent them out as a business venture. Nicaragua has a thriving up and coming tourist industry, and being a mere 2-6 hour plane ride from the USA it’s very easy to get to. It’s definitely a worthwhile business investment and it will fulfil many people’s dreams of living in paradise.

Screen shot 2013-09-28 at 22.46.50


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