Hollywood’s Favourite Holiday Destinations

cabo san lucas villa overlooking the city

When it comes down to it, Hollywood’s biggest celebrities are a lot like the rest of us. Sometimes they just want to get away. They have the same need to relax, unwind, and sometimes just cut loose as anyone else does.

But when you are a big Somebody, where can you go where Nobody will bother you, and Everybody hasn’t been there already? When you can go Anywhere and you have Everything, where can you go to get away from it all?

Saint Barthelemy

St Bars in the Caribbean

On a short list of favorite playgrounds of the rich and famous, Saint Barthelemy would always rank near the top. Nicknamed “St. Bart’s”, this is a collective under French sovereignty in the French Antilles islands of the Caribbean.

As is appropriate for an island in the Caribbean, St. Bart’s can boast of 14 beautiful beaches replete with gleaming white sand and beautiful blue water. Any manner of marine recreation is possible, from scuba diving to jet skiing to surfing to sailing, and even yachting. In fact, New Year’s Eve hosts one of the largest yachting events in the region, the Mogul Superyacht Fest.

For the true gourmand, St. Bart’s offers a unique combination of gastronomic choices. Fresh seafood and local ethnic choices are available, along with daily imported shipments from the United States and from France. And of course, being under French rule, the best wines in the world are available.

A-list celebrities such as actor Tom Hanks, rock god Mick Jagger, and football legend Fran Tarkington have all carved out their own personal slice of heaven here. If you want to party like the glitterati, consider renting the Eden Rock Villa Rockstar, which has been described as “$100 million yacht on land”. If 16,000 square feet of magnificent beachfront luxury sounds appealing, then this is the vacation rental for you.

Miami Beach

miami at night time

I only came for two days of playin’, but every time I come down here I always end up stayin’…

~Will Smith, “Miami”

With glorious sun-kissed beaches, a vibrant music scene, and nightlife second to none, it is no surprise that some of Hollywood’s heaviest hitters get their party on in Miami Beach. For sheer nonstop hedonism and nonstop partying, this South Florida playground has no rival.

Here you can find beaches that are ranked among the best in the entire world, so ranked because of the natural beauty of the beaches themselves and also the bevies of barely clad bathing beauties frolicking there. South Beach and Miami Beach are regarded as top destinations for the male sport of girl watching, and even though the beaches are public, topless sunbathing is often tolerated.

Miami Beach is also home to a host of restaurants and bars where a different sort of sport can be played: celebrity watching. At Prime One 12, you might catch Alex Rodriguez, Cameron Diaz, Gloria Estefan, or even Bill Clinton enjoying a steak at the next table. Beyoncé and Jay-Z call Cheeseburger Baby, the oldest burger joint in South Beach, their favorite place in Miami.  At the Fountainbleu, you will find that every celebrity has partied there at one time or another, from Kim Kardashian to Christina Aguilera to even President Barack Obama.

The Setai South Beach is the hotel choice of many visiting stars, partially because it offers a completely separate celebrity section with extra amenities such as concierge and butler services. Other luminaries favor the Shore Club South Beach, with its 6000 square foot, three-story penthouse. There, at the famous Rumbar room, liquor connoisseurs can experience 75 different rums.

Cabo San Lucas

cabo san lucas villa overlooking the city

For West Coast celebrities looking for a quicker getaway than is offered by the first two choices, Cabo San Lucas delivers maximum enjoyment for a minimal travel investment. Located in Baja California Sur in Mexico, this beautiful bay is a short two-hour flight from Los Angeles, making it the perfect weekend vacation spot.

With an incredibly idealistic location that receives 360 days of sunshine a year, there really is no bad time to be in Cabo. Because of the remarkably cooperative weather and the perfect location in the Pacific ocean, most of the activities focus on water sports. Snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, and windsurfing are all popular. For sportsmen, Cabo San Lucas fishing is the marlin fishing capital of the world.

The first resort built in Cabo is also the most famous.  Originally built in 1956 by the son of the president of Mexico, the Palmilla Hotel has played host to an almost endless Who’s Who of celebrities—Frank Sinatra, James Dean, Kobe Bryant, Jennifer Aniston, Leonardo DiCaprio, Oprah Winfrey, and Celine Dion have all stayed here, along with many, many others.

Intense privacy and exceptional luxury can be found at the Villa Cortez, a more than 10,000 square foot hacienda located on its own private beach.  Some of the unique amenities include a 12 person private movie screening room, an infinity pool, an outdoor rain shower, and even an available yacht.  It is no wonder that this hotel is known as “The One and Only”.

All of these wondrous getaways popular with the rich and famous have a few similarities. Gorgeous, picturesque locales. Over-the-top luxury accommodations. Amazing cuisine. Exciting nightlife. Exhilarating activities. The best part is you, too, can experience this lifestyle. Break out your platinum card, and soon you will be mingling and canoodling with the biggest and brightest stars in the world.

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