A Day Trip to Cannes

Echo’s of the word Cannes reverberate around the world because of it’s renowned reputation as being the birthplace of glamour and splendour. Pictures of celebrities walking the red carpet come to mind, while super yachts idle in the bay awaiting their next Russian billionaire to embark. The Bay of Cannes is very spectacular, the semicircular shape allows a glimpse at most of the hotels along the waterfront. The scenery behind the town is also equally amazing, you can see well into the Alpes Maritimes, glimpsing the hillside towns of Grasse, Gourdon and the like.


The town itself in the summer is as you can imagine very busy and it still suffers from seriously overcrowded, dirty beaches. The Boulevard de la Croisette is certainly a nice walk, and allows you to get upfront and personal with many of the hotels but there is still something lacking. If you choose the visit the town by road then you will drive through some very rough areas resembling east London. You will also be met by heavy roadworks as over the next 2 years they are installing a tram system to serve the city to cope with the large influx of people. First impressions are not great, crazy drivers come within inches of knocking off a wing mirror which is heart stopping on a $2000 a week rental. The shops seem tacky and not the glitz and glamour you would expect from such as prestigious town.

Once you get into the town it’s almost impossible to park. Road works are going to continue until the end of 2014 which makes the set up one way systems very confusing and have been designed to head away from any car parks. The charges are high as you would expect unless you can find a quiet spot on a back alley which is not something recommend but something to consider if the car parks are full.

Heading into the town you will pass shops you would expect to find in places like Camden in North London. Kebab shops line the street amongst other low quality miscellaneous stores. Not every city can be glitz an glamour it’s just not how an economy works but it’s proximity to the main area of town is very strange. 400 meters from the marina you get away from the luxe and come across the run down area, it’s certainly contrasting.


The Marina’s are quite amazing, these and the boulevard of hotels area really the only glamourous part of this town which is fine unless you like exploring the fine delicacies of your holiday destinations, as here there aren’t many. If you’re a luxury boat builder then this is your place to come and find some new cliental. The boats are all moored and put on show to the world, while the owners sit drinking champagne tourists camera flashes sparkle up the evening sky.  If you’re planning on visiting by boat expect no one to care about your privacy. People will go to many lengths to get a decent photo so there could be a lens pointing in your direction at any time of day.

Visit Cannes Cousin – Antibes

We suggest that you visit Cannes little cousin, Antibes,  a mere 15 minutes down the coast. It’s still renowned for being luxury however it has retained some character and the town is far more pleasant. Antibes is host to the Picasso museum which is one of the largest collection of his works in the world. If you are a fan of Absinthe then there is also a museum for you detailing the history of the green dragon.

Antibes is also a much better destination to moor a luxury yacht. It’s host to Port Vauban which is the worlds largest marina, able to accommodate yachts over 100m. Antibes itself is protected by a sea wall which served as a defence during it settlement. This seafront wall is now a road and walkway which renders amazing views and gives antibes the typical views it’s famous for.




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