Travel Fashion Weekly

In need of travel fashion ideas and advice? I’ve created a weekly series on travel fashion, which will consist of my personal collection of outfit ideas and the inspiration and sensibility that went into them. Scouring the streets, the shops, the mags, the web and my closet, I’m looking for inspiration anywhere and everywhere, concocting my own versions of what I see (and like) and presenting them to you in ways that suit the needs of a traveler. (Lovely as your Louboutins are, Madame, you won’t be lasting half a day on a city stroll through Paris in them.)

The ‘travel’ orientation of the content may be loosely based at times, but in essence, we want to look and feel our best when traveling, don’t we? Our clothes very much contribute to our confidence and persona, enriching the element of intrigue that often surrounds us as travelers (if we play our cards right). In fact, fashion goes a long way in separating ‘travelers’ from ‘tourists’. (That and behavior.) My plan is to highlight beautiful, sophisticated and functional styles, which need not be mutually exclusive, to create a guide for seamless elegance in travel fashion. We should fully employ all the wonderful charisma a good outfit lends to our already glowing (or sparkling) characters!

Autumn and the London Fog Outfit

14th September

Red Coats are for London - Travel Fashion

23rd September

Leather the Storm

29th September

Falling for Saints in Leather

5th October


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