The Joys of Travel

The Joys of Travel

Recently the editorial team of The Luxe Travel have jet setted across the world in order to find inspiration for great content to contribute to this website. One of the most noticeable observations made was the contrast between long and short haul travel, it could not be greater. Short-haul travel generally considered very cramped, there are no options to upgrade except to an exit seat with extra legroom which is comparable to a premium economy seat on a long-haul flight. However on a flight between Heathrow and Atlanta the economy legroom of a standard short haul flight was actually greater, with premium economy not matching an extra leg room upgrade on a short-haul flight.

It’s quite clear that airlines are pushing the boundaries as to how many people they can fit on their airlines, with demand rising for flights they can charge more and more but return less and less.

The next aspect is the person next to you or maybe better stated as the other passenger who sits on your lap . An all too common feeling is the fear cast upon ones face when the fidgeting rendition of Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing sits down next to you. Either out of fear or flying, genuine illness or am addiction to cocaine or cigarettes some people are just unable to control themselves while on a plane. Coughing, fidgeting, sparking awkward conversation and even more awkwardly long toilet breaks always results in some amusing stories and experiences.

johnny depp fear and loathing

This whole outlook is quite pessimistic and not one you find frequently on a travel website. There are plenty of instances when you can meet delightful individuals who enhance your travel experience.

How to enjoy traveling

  1. Never be too early – This has the potential to go very wrong if taken to the extreme. Waiting around in busy airport departure lounges is nobodies ideal start to a holiday. If your flight is early in the morning or late at night then you don’t need to allow so much time in order to check in and get through security. Flights in the middle of the day you will need to be more careful of.
  2. Wear comfortable clothes – Waiting, lounging, stressing are much more enjoyable if you’re not restricted by your choice of attire. Wear something casual and comfy.
  3. Have a tipple – Having a glass of wine or champagne will really take the stress off your shoulders. Your one to one with the customs officer at the other side will also seem much less intimidating. Just be sure to keep it within moderation, being wheeled off the plane in a wheelchair is far from classy.

Getting Away From the Crowds

If you travel frequently then this repetitive stress is going to take it’s toll. The reason business class lounges exist is that the stress of traveling in the typical way can be too much when trying to win new business or handle some volatile client relations.

Business class has surged in popularity and is become increasingly more expensive. The Luxe Travel are very successful at getting upgraded on flights.We’ve written an entire post dedicated to the topic here.

Staying loyal to a particular airline is imperative, almost all airline companies offer great rewards to their long terms customers as they appreciate how much competition is out there. If for instance you fly frequently out of London to New york and London to Madrid then it’s advisable to get on board BA’s loyalty program. You may also get the chance to access business class lounges even if your ticket is economy in some cases.

Be the crazy person

If you are at a complete loss and everything is turning out exactly how you didn’t intend it to, become the crazy character. People will naturally begin to give you more space and leave you alone, just remember the barriers, airport security will not come down on you lightly if you take it too far.

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