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In the past, you would have been called a road warrior, although with all the flying that you do, perhaps jet-setter would have been a more apt description. Today, there isn’t really a term for what you do, pushing the envelope of travel and blurring the line between business and pleasure. You only know that your pursuit of success takes you everywhere, to all four corners of the globe.

Years of experience have taught you that it is best to travel light, and that everything you deem important enough to bring with you should have a definite purpose. It is for this reason that items that are multi functional are so valuable.

Smart Phones

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It would probably be surprising to much of the younger generation exactly how many formally essential pieces of personal tech have been replaced by the ubiquitous smart phone. Think about it. Business travelers who are veterans of even a relatively few number of years used to carry separate devices that served all of our needs individually.

For business tech, we might have needed have committed, individually, an electronic address book, date book, camera, camcorder, memo pad, calculator, voice recorder, pager, alarm clock, pocket translator, maps,  and of course, phone. And, of course, we had to make sure we had the appropriate extra batteries, in the right sizes, for each of these gadgets.

If we had  to make on-the-fly changes to our itinerary, such as booking a last minute flight or changing a hotel reservation, that required the visiting a travel agent, or at the very least spending considerable time on the phone making those arrangements.

In addition, if we needed to review a contract, send a detailed business letter, or read and send reports, we had to have access to a fax machine or an Internet connected computer.

For relaxation, if we wanted to listen to music we had to carry a dedicated device, such as a radio, a Walkman, a Discman, or in recent years, an MP3 player. If we wanted to have some relaxing reading, we had to bring a book or a dedicated reading device.

Lastly, if we wanted to do any professional reading of the newest business periodicals during our downtime, that was often impossible, given some of our destinations.  Keeping up-to-date on the freshest stock reports and industry news was also sometimes prohibitively difficult.

Now this little amazing piece of technology, usually no bigger than the palm of our hands, takes the place of the entire gaggle of gadgets, and keeps us connected to any information that we could possibly want or need. Our smart phones are our constant companion, the source of much of our daily knowledge, our concierge service, our most trusted resource and ally, and best of all, they are usually never more than an arm’s-length away.

Best Overall Smartphone: Standing atop the pinnacle of a literal mountain of smart phones is the iPhone 5S, Apple’s newest product within its innovative iPhone line. Some technophiles have semi-facetiously likened the invention of the iPhone to that of fire or the wheel. If you consider what came before, you might not be inclined to disagree.

The iPhone 5S is fast (rated the fastest on the market), powerful (64-bit A7 chip), innovative (fingerprint identity sensor), and there are more custom apps available for it than any other smart phone on the market. That last fact alone should make it extremely prized among busy travelers, because it allows them to customize its abilities based on their individual needs.

Perhaps the biggest change implemented this model of the iPhone is the tweaking of technology that now makes it more usable in more countries than ever before, making it a true World Phone. For travelers who are constantly flitting from one country to the next, being able to stay in contact with customers and the home office makes this phone absolutely indispensable.

Essential Accessories

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Because of its omnipresence in our life, some of the most essential, must-have travel items those designed to support or enhance our experience with our cell phones.

A keyboard case will pull double duty by both protecting you phone and by serving as a pull-out full QWERTY keyboard.

If you plan on taking a lot of pictures for either business or pleasure, there are several different clip-on lenses for enhancing your phone’s camera.

Noise-canceling headphones, complete with a microphone, can be your best friend on a crowded you plane or train ride.

It will seem that your life actually slows to a crawl if your phone dies, so a battery extender can actually keep your business humming right along and boredom at bay.

While you are at it, look for alternatives to plug-in chargers, such as solar chargers, hand-cranked chargers, and emergency battery packs.

Staying connected when on the road or abroad is essential to today’s busy business traveler. Choose the right smart phone and the right smart phone accessories and apps, and you will find that your trips are more productive, more hassle-free, and more enjoyable than ever before.

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