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Everyone needs a red coat and today I wore mine while meandering around Pimlico and heading to Number 11 Pimlico Road. One of the first instalments in our travel fashion series.

Just on the back of last week’s timely post for London Fashion Week, I have another outfit on hand for Vogue’s Fashion Night Out. (Yes, it’s tonight on Oxford and Regent Streets, and yes I am miserably not in attendance.)

Rather than any one outfit catching my eye for inspiration, this get up popped into my head out of an appreciation for fall-festive colors (I mean if it doesn’t say ‘Look, I’m autumn leaves falling in dappled sunlight!’ then I don’t know what does). You’ll see a return of the glimmery metallic scarf because it was an interesting complement to the colors, as well as the appearance of the ever-so-wierdly-named color of ochre. Ochre is a popular color this fall, and though my skirt is probably more accurately almost-ochre (it’s not quite dank and musty enough) I found it to be lovely with my classic lightweight red trench coat.

Red is a bold color that simultaneously requires and inspires confidence. Will and I decided to pop out for evening drinks at No. 11 Pimlico Road, and with the weather cooling off I grabbed this excellent first opportunity to don my red trench, one of my favourite pieces of outerwear. And red coats, after all, might be considered part of the very fabric of London…

Interesting fact: men are more attracted to yellow-toned reds, which are brighter and warmer, and women are more attracted to blue-toned reds, which are cooler and more muted.

I’m also pulling in chocolate brown, another color of Fall 2014, via my Natural Soul boots (by Naturalizer). These boots are absolutely fantastic for travelling – I can literally walk 2 miles in them and not feel any discomfort. (A great test I use for travel-worthy shoes is to see if I can walk at least one mile in them!)

My wristlet/handbag is another nod to current fashion trends, adding more glimmer to the look and fashionable jeweled accents (from Accessorize).

Without further ado…

Red Coats are for London 2

And if you’re interested in the happenings at No. 11 Pimlico Road, a lovely, light, airy, casual-chic restaurant and bar one the border of Chelsea and Pimlico, I can confirm that 1) you are right to be interested and 2) the Elderflower and Earl Gray Fizz is perhaps one of the greatest cocktails in all of London. For the mixologists out there, it consists of Earl Gray infused Tanqueray gin, lemon juice and elderflower cordial, served long with lemon and mint. It’s a bit like Downtown Abbey – somehow nothing and something are happening at the same time and you just love it.

Elderflower and Earl Gray Fizz

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