New Fitness Gear | Travel Fashion

New Fitness Gear | Travel Fashion

It’s that time of year! No doubt many of you have made resolutions to get in shape or keep it up, and now you’re hitting the gym or park or road or back yard or living room – hard.

As you prep your body for the upcoming bikini season (let thy calendar be thy hope that spring is at the end of this long, dark, dank, icy tunnel), you might as well look fly on the journey. I find that dressing up in serious work out gear helps me push harder to reach my goals and makes me feel better while doing it. Make every penny of that gym membership count, right?

There’s a lot of sleek, colourful, well made and generally amazing fitness apparel available to us now, and I have a particular fashion fettish for it. More than coats, scarves, hats and *gasp* even boots. This year in fact, my entire Christmas list consisted of fitness gear (though I must have been an awfully good girl, as Santa was kind enough to further indulge me with a beautiful new Seiko watch and classic Hobb’s Finsbury bag).

I absolutely love taking gym kit with me on my travels to stay active and keep up with my fitness, even if it means improvising with body weight exercises. In fact I love doing this to give my body a varied routine; while hotel gyms are great to experience if you have time, it’s just as fun to experience your destination by using it at your gym. Beaches, mountains, a run from the Luxembourg Gardens to the Arc de Triomphe (ambitious still yet, but not by March, eh??), fitness with a view is a great activity to add to the itinerary and one you’ll be proud to share as you recount your adventures.

So as you and I battle through the rest of winter, I wanted to share some of my favorite work out clothing pieces with you. You might learn of a new brand or two that are worth checking out for expanding your own collection of fitness faves.

At the moment, I’ll share my absolute favorite outfit with you.



The black jacket, Tangerine brand, has great features – a hood, slightly popped collar, hand pockets, longer sleeves with thumb slits and a zip pocket on the left arm for your phone or music device.


Underneath (but exposed during workout) is my new sherbet orange New Balance high impact sports bra with a lovely neckline that has a slight V-shape and dark grey accents. The fit is great but as there is no padding and the colour is bright, you may find yourself noticing when it’s a tit nipply outside. I like this sporty look of just a sports bra and leggings, but if you’re not comfortable wearing just a sports bra, the look is still good with a plain white cotton tank.


The tank I have on to demonstrate this isn’t sheer, but the sports bra is so bright that it shines through! Which means you still get to show off the sparky colour and design. The tank is Old Navy – an oldie but a goodie, it’s their ‘Favorite Tank’ that they have as a year round classic. And with a perfect mix of comfortable cotton and stretch, it is indeed my favorite tank.

The leggings are Kyodan and they are FABULOUS. I just learned of this brand over the holidays and got three of their bottom styles – shorts, capri leggings and these long leggings. These black leggings are literally the softest I have ever owned, and the fit and shape are immensely flattering (Will wholeheartedly agrees 😉 ). I honestly can’t speak highly of them enough. They have slightly patterned accents and flattering seams that lengthen and slim your figure.


Kyodan is a yoga-inspired Canadian athletic apparel brand that many have suggested was created by the well known luxury fitness brand Lululemon Athletica (also Canadian). Judging by the styling and quality, I wouldn’t be surprised if that truly is the case. The only thing worth mentioning is that the sizing seems to be slightly larger than other brands. I would normally wear between a small or medium for instance, medium for tighter clothing, but I took an extra small in these leggings and smalls in the shorts and capris. They are perfectly stretchy so are forgiving in either direction and keep their shape nicely.



My kicks are Sketchers brand. I love navy and hot pink together, so couldn’t resist these. The cushioning is excellent. This pair came with two sets of shoelaces – navy and hot pink. I’ll most likely change these up to hot pink in a couple of months to pump up the colour for spring. I’ll keep you updated on how well they last!

Update: Will has set up a new fitness website over at httCecil Fitness Blog – go check it out!

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    • Hey Gabrielle, thanks so do I which is why I collect so much of it! You’re welcome they are absolutely splendid!

      P.s. love the blog!

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