What to wear with white chinos

White chinos are a must have for all men, they're classy and a statement piece that can be used pretty much all year around.

White chinos should be a staple in every mans collection. Usually they are a summer favourite but there is no reason why they can’t be used, almost all year round. A man wearing white chinos is a statement of self confidence, usually people are discouraged because they feel too self conscious having such a stand out lower half, I want to quash this notion. I’ll walk you through how to select the perfect white chinos, the safest colour combinations, how to break through confidence issues and the best time and place to wear them.

White Chino Style Guide

1) How do they fit?

There are trousers that simply ‘fit’ you and there are those that are styled and cut in a way that are slim through the thigh and hemmed with very little break. For the less tailor conscious this mean’s that they don’t hang on top of your shoes. (Examples on the effortless gent). We don’t want a baggy/comfort cut here as it will look very sloppy when styling with Tods or other driving shoes. Look for a slim cut, tight on the thigh chino that sits just on top of your shoes.

white chino length


2)How to wear white chinos – Colour Combinations

Light/dark combinations are a typical but it’s important to experiment with your white canvas. White can enhance a striped or gingham shirts, lilac tops and still provide a great base for the classic grey shirt/polo. I personally like to style a white chinos outfit with light blues and greens, overlain by a darker jacket or sweatshirt.

white chino style

For shoes you’re always going to be safe with a boat shoe or dark loafer, perhaps even chelsea boots like in my pictures above. However it’s worth experimenting with reds and yellows should your top half allow for it as this can really make you stand out even more.

3) Confidence

05806SSELConfidence issues arise from initial purchases, especially if you’re a white chino virgin. “When will I wear these?”, “are they worth it?” and “should I just buy standard blue ones?” You’ve got to always remember these are a statement piece and because you won’t wear them as frequently they’ll last for a long time.

When it comes to self confidence worries about looking like an idiot there really isn’t a correct answer. I always in this situation revert to the adage, ‘What Would David Gandy Do?”. That’s right he’d tell you to rock those white chinos and blow everyone away!

Make sure you have appropriate underwear as sometimes colours can glow through, potentially embarrassing if wearing superman boxers!

4) Best time to wear them

Afternoon tea, rooftop bars and beer gardens are some of the typical places you’ll find the patrons sporting some white chinos but white chinos don’t really need to be confined to special events. I would suggest wearing them on a sunny day, when it’s wet and rainy it’s easy to get them stained. I would only really recommend putting them at the back of the wardrobe for winter. From March – November you’re completely justified to wear them!


A few closing notes on how to care for your chinos. Make sure you only wash them with whites, washing them with colours will make them fade and they won’t have that stand out look.

white chinos in the park

What do you think? If you don’t already will you be getting a pair to sport next spring?



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