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best mens toiletries

Like most men for the majority of my life I’ve never understood, why some people, particularly women use so many moisturisers. They’re expensive, time consuming and give you the opposite of the rugged look.

This has all changed, since working long hours and meandering about the thick air of London. My skin had become noticeably dry, worn, my pores were rather large and quite frankly my face was beginning to feel like shit. So with Emily’s help I’ve changed that and bought some skincare essentials that work a treat.

Before I get started chaps you don’t have to put on a face mask and listen to Taylor Swift in order to get good skin. Just a 5 minute routine a couple times a week.

Mens skin and body care is closing in on a £billion industry in the UK and it’s growing at an alarming rate at home and around the world.

Damn straight men have finally woken up and want to hold onto their youth as long as possible! Well at least I have.

The Luxe Travel – Best Toiletries

Origins Face Scrub

face scrub seal

I’m a big fan of everything natural, so I “naturally” gravitated towards this product however I was sold on performance not on premise. I was in John Lewis weighing up the different options and I was offered a trial of this scrub. The shop assistant took me through the procedure and methodology behind it while demonstrating it’s effects on the back of my hand. The rice starch micro abrasions where much more intensive than I had imagined and the combined aloe vera and vitamin C zing soothed the skin during the whole treatment.

As suggested this scrub isn’t suitable for use everyday, it’s quite powerful and needs to be complemented by a moisturiser in order to soothe the skin post treatment. It’s doing an amazing job at reducing the size of my pores and overall degreasing my skin. For both men and women this scrub is an essential.

Dead Sea Spa Magik – Rich Moisturiser

dead sea spa

This moisturiser is light and effective, it’s great for application post scrub and in the mornings after showering. One of the most important factors of any moisturiser is whether or not it leaves a greasy finish, this one doesn’t. It also has the added benefit of having UVA+UVB protection, 94% organic certified ingredients and a reasonable price point gets our seal of approval.

Origins Ginzing –  Eye cream

ginzing eye cream from origins

I’ll admit the first time I was considering eye creams was after a heavy night out on a weekday and the need to look fresh for a series of meetings the next day. Recently I’m more aware of the ageing of they eyes, in my mid-twenties this is quite apparent and now I’m on a crusade against any wrinkles.

I’m a huge fan or the origins range and their eye cream is the best i’ve used in order to reduce puffiness. I recommend using a little as possible as too much does leave your eyes looking a little radiant.

Molton Brown Sport 4 in 1 Bodywash


This 4 in 1 sport wash is the ultimate gym and weekend companion. It contains cassia bark and lime and can be used on your face, hair, body and as a shaving cream. It’s scent is in my mind the epitome of Molton Brown, strong rich and powerful. It leaves you smelling fresh for hours after showing and is very gentle on sensitive skin.

The one thing that continues to flummox me is how well this performs as a shaving gel. You’ll notice that i’ve left off shaving gel in this top 5 list of toiletries and that’s because this 4 in 1 is completely capable and saves you the space.

Label M – Matte Paste


Moving on from the skin it’s time to talk about the hair and in every mens toiletry bag, assuming you’ve got short, crew type hair you’re going to need some paste in order to style it. I was at Toni and Guy recently for my latest shear, which it was in every sense of the word. The one thing that always frustrates me is not being able to recreate the style you walk out the hairdressers with at home. Well by using this paste which is what’s used by Toni and Guy you’ll get pretty damn close!

Thats the round up of what I personally have for my toiletries at the moment if you have any other suggestions please let me know in the comments below.



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