Hugo Boss Leather Jacket Review

leather jacket on oxford street

6 Months ago I purchased a Hugo Boss leather jacket. But first let’s go back to when it all began. The affair started 18 months ago while browsing around in the Stratford store. It was the classic case of having no intention of finding anything but that one item leaps up and sucks you in. Standing alone on it’s rack was a 54, deep mahogany jacket, at first glance there wasn’t anything that made this jacket stand out. It had no power zips/pockets, just very standard lines.

I walked up to it and began to inspect it, I had the standard in store facial expression of looking like I’m considering the piece, you know to play to the floor staff watching your every move. I ran my hand down the sleeve & around the collar and it felt magical, roused I took it off it’s hangar and slipped it on. To my bemusement it fit incredibly well, it hugged all the right places and just felt right.

In Hyde Park 2

Being 6ft 5″ I often find with jackets I need to go too wide on the chest in order to make the arms fit as standard sizes for a 44 chest usually expect someone to have a smaller frame.

So you may be wondering what happened? Well my conscience kicked in and while it did look amazing I couldn’t spend that kind of money on that jacket at that moment in time, but the wheels were in motion and I was going to get one sooner or later.

Fast forward a year and I went on to order practically the same jacket but just slightly tweaked for the new year.

I ordered online from the Hugo Boss store which saw the jacket get shipped out from Germany. Everything was seamless & the packaging was unbelievable. I often like buying in store with designer brands but I have no hesitations in recommending their eCommerce solution.

My Jacket

I ordered the Noksins dark brown lambskin leather jacket. The smell of the soft, fresh leather is there to this day as I’ve been keeping it in its jacket sleeve. Without boring you too much here are some pictures of me out and about in it.

In Hyde Park 3

Walking in hyde park

At st mawes hotel



on the beach


Living with a Leather Jacket

I would be lying if I told you I’ve been wearing this at every opportunity, I haven’t, partly because opportunities are come & go and most of the time this jacket lives in it’s protective suit bag in my wardrobe.

The criteria that need to be met are;

  • No chance of rain
  • Not to be worn when there will be lots of drinks on offer
  • No where near protests/rally’s

Ok the last one isn’t true but basically it’s very weather/activity dependant so if you’re thinking about one make sure you keep these in mind!

OK, ok i’m sure you’ve seen from the pictures I’ve broken these rules a few times, shoot me!

In Hyde Park 1

Anyway I highly recommend buying a Hugo Boss leather jacket mens as this one so far has been a pleasure to own.

What are the different Hugo Boss leather options?

As i mentioned earlier hugo boss lamb leather jackets are the most commonly used jacked however there are also some jackets made from leather offcuts which are slightly more affordable!

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Hugo Boss Leather Jacket Review

6 Months ago I purchased a Hugo Boss leather jacket. But first...
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