Luxurious Travel Gift Idea: FOREO LUNA Mini

We’ve found the perfect gift for travelers far and wide–a portable mini facial that takes 2 minutes or less a day. This little gadget rightfully claims the lead in innovative sonic cleansing, providing a deep yet gentle facial cleanse that’s safe for sensitive skin. We’ve managed to get our hands on one, and now we can’t take them off. Deep sonic facial cleansing that can travel with you is a luxury indeed, now obtainable thanks to Swedish beauty brand FOREO.

Competitors? In Name Only…

You’ve probably heard of the Clarisonic facial cleansing line. While Clarisonic has paved the way for facial cleansing devices, we can confidently say it doesn’t compare to the FOREO LUNA Mini, on several levels. Imagine cleaning your face with a large toothbrush…and you have the Clarisonic. Its nylon bristle brush often causes irritation even for people who have normal skin, much less sensitive, and absolutely must be replaced every 3 months due to the build up of germs and bacteria in the porous bristles. Literally, like a toothbrush.

Every 3 months, that replacement head costs you £20 ($25), on top of having paid at least £120 for the clunky Clarisonic tool itself.

Foreo on face

Enter our beloved Foreo Luna Mini. Ultra-soft, non-toxic silicone touch points (hundreds of tiny, soft little nubs) receive up to 8,000 sonic pulsations per minute. The Luna Mini sloughs away dead skin and pulls all toxins from your lymph vessels out and away. The result? A deep cleanse for your pores that results in soft, glowing skin, which means less breakouts for youngsters and minimized pores for mature skin.

The silicone is nonporous, resistant to bacteria and very easy to clean with just soap and water, making it not only more hygienic but also an all-around better investment–£99 up front and no replacement heads.

How It Works

The Mini routine is simple and fast. Remove makeup from your face (men, lucky you, you can skip that step), apply your daily cleanser to your face or the “brush” and glide it across your cheeks, forehead, chin, nose and under your eyes (yes, it’s THAT gentle). Every 15 seconds, the Luna Mini will flash a blue light at the bottom and give an indicative pulse that it’s time to move to a new area. The process only takes one minute and it’s recommended you do it twice a day, but you can do it for up to two minutes in one go.

Foreo luna mini magenta touchpoints

The brush has two intensity settings and 3 zones, including the main soft touch points on the front of the device for all over the face, a small set of thicker touch points on the top front for hard to reach oily areas like the nose and thicker touch points on the back of the device as well which can be used for oilier skin or the particularly oily T-zone area.

Completely waterproof, you can use the Luna Mini in the shower or drop it in the bathtub.

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Why We Love It

foreo luna mini colours 2It’s light, just fills the palm of your hand and is absolutely adorable. Well-loved by both men and women and already sporting 5-star reviews and approval from such names as Elle, Vogue, Glamour and Cosmopolitan, we are pleased that luxurious facials are available at the touch of a button and on-the-go. It makes for an absolutely perfect gift for all ages and comes in 5 lovely colours: hot pink, light pink, turquoise, purple and a particularly smart gray for boys/men. Our recommendation is to grab them while they’re hot for some early Christmas shopping!

The device is rechargeable via USB, so you can plug it in and charge from your laptop within an hour. That being said, one charge lasts for 300 uses, so you don’t even need to worry about packing the cable with you! Just pop it in your carry-on, suitcase or gym bag and off you go.

You’re probably wondering why we suggest the “mini” version. Indeed, FOREO has a full line of facial cleansing devices, including the Luna which provides even greater anti-aging treatment, the Luna Premium, Luna Pro for salons, Luna for Men (excellent for pre-shaving to prevent irritation) and (dramatic drum roll) the LUNA LUXE. Sorry, did you say luxe? We thought so.

foreo luna luxe men and women

For ladies, the Luna Luxe comes in a deep, royal purple, has an 18-kt gold base, 4-zone brush surface and Dual T-Sonic™ Technology. For men, the Luxe is a rich black with a platinum base and thicker touchpoints for that handsomely rugged visage. That will run you £5,000 for the ladies and £6,800 for our gentlemen. If this is out of your preferred range, the Luna (which is available for sensitive, sensitive/normal, oily and man skin) is only £149, which is still a better price than the Clarisonic when you factor in just two replacement brushes.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the Luna Mini (or any of FOREO’s products) online directly from their website at However, it is also being quickly taken on in many high end department stores such as Harvey Nichols (Luna Mini) and Selfridges&Co (Luna). The Bond Street Fenwick has also taken on the Mini, and both the Mini and Luna  are available online from Current Body and Gorgeous Shop (both have free UK shipping).

In the US, Foreo’s Lunas and Minis are available on, but be on the lookout for Foreo’s line in department stores. Otherwise, again, you can buy online directly from their website.


Summary: top-of-the-line skincare for a daily mini-facial on-the-go. It would definitely be a unique, thoughtful and well-appreciated gift, so grab one for your son, daughter, mother, husband, sister, boyfriend, anyone! That being said…you won’t be able to resist one for yourself as well.

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