Sunsets in the South of France

We recently took a week long trip to the Southwest of France for a wedding. I had visited the region the year before on a guys road trip and been left a little unimpressed, partly due to the weather and partly because we hadn’t really found the good side of it.

On this occasion we were greeted with 36 degree heat, some lovely surf and a rustic Air BnB. We were both completely won over which I’m sure will come across in our trip breakdown.

The one thing that we were very lucky to witness was a fantastic sunset every night in a host of different locations across Biarritz.

The first night we attended a rooftop cocktail party atĀ Les Ours Blancs. Arriving at 7pm the sun was still very warm, was a tad toasty in a shirt and black trousers! Come 8:30 the sun was setting, the temperature became fantastic and we enjoyed this beautiful array of colours.

Les Ours Blancs pano
Les Ours Blancs 1
Les Ours Blancs 2
Les Ours Blanc 3

Biarritz Casino

The wedding itself was in one of the venue rooms. It was on the first floor with a wrap round balcony and a view directly across la grande plageĀ (the main beach).
Biarrtiz Casino Sunset 2

Biarrtiz Casino Sunset

Biarrtiz Casino Sunset 3

This was such an amazing venue for a wedding. We partied under the early hours and then went swimming, was an unbelievable occasion.

Biarritz Grande Plage

The next couple days we spent between Bayonne and Biarritz.

We caught one more truly magical sunset on a walk around town.

Grande plage sunset 1

Grande plage sunset 2

Grande plage sunset

Great wine, weather, people and sunsets. What more could you want!?

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