A Day Trip to Brighton

Brighton is one of Britain's favourite seaside resort towns, drawing day trippers from London and the surroundings to its colourful streets and fun beachy atmosphere. Will and I headed down to check out Brighton's spunky character for ourselves.

Brighton is one of England’s most well-known seaside towns, charming many with its beachy streets, pastel houses and lively pier. Lovely, niche boutiques and cafes line the streets, dispersed among high street brands along the larger walkways and roads and completely taking over the narrower alleyways. Several cafes and eateries are built into the promenade wall along the shore, with dining patios spilling out onto the stony beach. Among these, you can enjoy anything from trendy health brunches to classic fish and chips to a crisp Prosecco at sunset. A popular resort town since the Georgian era, Brighton’s many attractions have, not surprisingly, made it one of the most popular day trip destinations in the UK, particularly for Londoners who can reach the happy, lively seaside escape in just an hour by train.

A couple of weekends ago, Will and I joined the leagues of day-tripping Londoners to bask in Brighton’s early spring sunshine. We reached the town in about an hour and a half, parking in a garage about a 10-minute walk to the shore and just a few minutes to the central area. We eyed the many cafes along the way for a future tea stop, stopping in a homewares shop to admire some spiralisers and Le Creuset cookware, as we do, and made our way down the sloping streets to the sea. The streets suddenly open up to Kingsway road, the main road along the beach, not yet busy at 10:30 on a Saturday morning (in March, mind you). We made our way down to the beach walk, immediately among beachside patio cafes where we were, despite our hearty breakfast, sorely tempted to have a second one.

Emily with shells

Brighton seashells on the beach

Though the morning was still a bit brisk and chilly, it was beautifully sunny and made for a nice stroll. We entertained ourselves with some seashells amid the stones, particularly excited when we encountered a glorious little hoard of them camouflaged among the stones. We later, when cleaning a few choice ones at home, discovered why so many had been left on the beach…hello, Mr. Crabby.



Emily and Will Brighton Pier

We made our way along the beach down to Brighton Pier, then strolled along its old boarded walkway amid the gaudy arcades, families and young folk. Admittedly, it was a bit too carnival-esque for our taste, but I’m sure makes for a more exciting atmosphere in the evenings, and surely claims fond memories for many. However, more in the mood for lunch than games and 90’s pop music by this point, we decided to head back to shore by the second Britney song.

Jumping on Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach

We picnicked on the shore, enjoying more of the sun and the happy atmosphere of fellow sunbathers (many more daring than us as we couldn’t quite shed our jackets) and their entertaining canine friends. After a time, we headed back up into town to see more sights. We moseyed along a collection of upmarket shops through to the green spaces of the Royal Pavilion Gardens and the exotic architecture of King George IV’s pleasure palace, and by the impressive gateways adjacent to the Brighton Dome.




We made our way back up to the North Laine, Brighton’s well-loved collection of shop-laden streets, with old theatres, vintage clothing stores, record shops, bakeries and the charming works, and then into The Lanes, full of dazzling jewelry shops with sparkling windows showcasing all manner of elegant modern pieces and vintage treasures, as well as indulgent chocolate shops, chic fashion boutiques and more.

Emily at Charlie's candy shop

We carried on until we came to a particularly appealing candy shop, Charlie’s Sweet Emporium with a ‘Celebrating Britain’ Easter sweet display, that we had passed on our way down to the sea and spent some time choosing some delectable, classic British sweets. We took our little sweetie treasure bag back down to the shore for a one last seaside basking session, parking ourselves near the charming little Brighton Fishing Museum. Seeing as Will couldn’t possibly fit and distracted by our sweeties, we didn’t bother going inside.

Satisfied with our lovely day out and bellies a little too full of a little too many flavours, we decided to call it a success and head back to Pimlico. All in all, Brighton made for an excellent trip, and we’ll be happy to go back to the seaside city’s charming, lively atmosphere.

If you’ve been to Brighton, we’d love to hear your favourite part of the trip below in comments!

Brighton Beach

Emily on Brighton Beach


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  • Hi Emily, Greetings from Istanbul! I loved Royal Pavilion Gardens and the exotic architecture of King George IV’s pleasure palace, seems great. Thanking you for all those great info.

    • Thanks Ugur, glad you enjoyed it! It was very exotic architecture indeed, stunning in the middle of the rest of Brighton’s beachy streets.

    • Thanks Danielle! Yes you really should go, it was a perfect little day trip! Go before the summer crowds 😉 x

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