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Travel is changing. We’re no longer satisfied with standing in massive lines and having someone else’s camera six inches from our own. The grandest landmarks of geography and history will always draw the most attention, but knowing that millions before you have discovered this one or that one, and that hundreds will be there when you go, tragically but undeniably dims the magic of the experience. If service is terrible or we are allowed to see less than we expect, the magic can be dimmed to none.

We now seek a truly exceptional experience. History discovered in off-the-map and off-the-radar places, natural splendor that crushes postcard regulars and regulation of our access next to none. These are luxuries that The Luxe Travel Team acknowledges above any other. So, almost against our better judgment, we want to share with you a few off-the-beaten path guides to popular tourist destinations that allow for an entirely re-imagined experience. But we want you to experience something unique and special, and we’re confident that the world has so much to offer that even if these less popular wonders gain too much attention, there are others hidden for later discover. Plus with some ques from this guide, you’ll be able to discover secrets of your very own.


Country Guides

spain off the beaten path


Spain is one of the top 5 most visited countries in the world. With over 30 million people visiting it each year, it can be crowded check out these destinations to experience Spain like no one else!

great britain travel guide

Great Britain

The green and promised land is again in the top 10 most visited countries in the world, with people flocking from all over to check out it’s landmarks dating back millennia. Being the size of california, it’s a small country and these destinations are the ones no one has heard of!

france guide


France the most popular tourist destination in the world has loads of well trodden tracks. It’s a relatively large country with a rich history so even some of a smaller attractions in Paris and beyond have huge appeal. We’ve focused on exploring more of the hidden parts of Paris and then the key towns and attractions to visit beyond the city.

Chianti region Tuscany Italy



Italy is home to some of the world’s most prestigious heritage and ancient cities. Every year 20 million people, or 4 times Rome’s actual population visit the city. Much of it’s economy is based on this huge visitor figure and many of it’s attractions are regurgitated to visitor after visitor. This off the beaten track article to Italy hopes to show some of Italy’s secret treasures.

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