The ‘Prettiest’ Beaches in the World

The most stunning places you’re likely to come across on your travels are the ones that other people don’t know about. That being said exploring the entirety of the worlds coastline in a lifetime is impossible so here are some of the prettiest beaches we’ve come across.

Wineglass Bay Tasmania


This beach is situated in the Freycinet national park on the east coast of Tasmania, a park famous for it’s pink and red granite out crops. The beach has everything an adventure traveler could want, there are granite peaks to scale called, ‘the hazards’. The beach is made up of beautiful white sand with turquoise water revealing ample amount of marine wildlife. The beach is certainly a romantic dream, it’s at one with nature and makes one feel as if they’re the one person alive. Great for starting, maintaining and rekindling emotions and anyones relationship.

Whitehaven Beach – Whitesunday Island – Australia

whitehaven beach

The next prettiest beach in our list is also situated in the Pacific ocean down in Australia. Whitehaven beach is located on Whitesunday island which has been given national park status. The island was named by captain James Cook in the 18th century, the only way to get to this secluded paradise is via sea plane or boat. The beach is a stones throw from the great barrier reef and should certainly be included if you’re visiting the somewhat more well known attraction. The shallow waters in the estuary provide small private pools to lounge in. The sea and sky exhibit all shades of blue and the isolated nature of this beach means it’s still kept it’s original beauty.

Anse Source D’argent – Seychelles

anse source d'arget

This beach located in the Seychelles on the island of La Digue which is the third most inhabited island in the Seychelles island chain. While there are plenty of beaches on the island this really takes your breath away as it’s as if every detail has been crafted by Micheal Angelo. The water is still as the beach is surrounded by a reef, the rocks eroded by the salt water form smooth outcrops. This beach is exceptionally pretty and one you should definitely check out while jet setting across the Pacific and Indian ocean.

Palawan Island – The Philippines

el nido palawan

The Palawan island is a protected island in the Philippines which is host to plenty of very pretty beaches, the most eye catching and outstanding are in the provence f El Nido. El Nido is a small region of the island of Palawan, which is host to around 30’000 people and a very unique eco system. The island is best viewed out of tourist season as it can get quite busy and it’s far prettier when it’s deserted.

Praia do Sancho, Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Praia do Sancho, Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

This is another pretty archipelago in Brazil which has been deemed a UNESCO world heritage site because of it’s coastline and wildlife. The beautiful beaches have water that is exceptionally clear, with visibility up to 100 meters. The islands are slightly more challenging to access making the beaches less crowded. Only one of the islands is inhabited and to visit the rest you must get a visitor permit. As tourism is the main industry for the region charges are high but renting a gold buggy at $50 is a good way to take a lot in!

This sums up the prettiest beaches in the world we would love to hear what your favourite beaches are so please let us know in via the contact page!

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