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The United Kingdom was the 8th most visited country in 2013 however it’s capital London was most visited city in the entire world, it boasts a countless number of landmarks, which are very much on the beaten path. Queues to get into the museums, the Tower of London, Royal Palaces and the like can take hours. We do wholly suggest you check them out however if you want a unique trip to England we suggest veering away from the norm and exploring some of the more remote, tranquil regions this ancient land has to offer.

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Great Britain has 7723 miles of coastline and a footpath following it all the way around. Some regions are sparsely populated and are home to incredibly unique experiences. We have had a long debate over whether or not we should publish an article such as this as we love to keep locations like this a secret and only for a select few who come to us for travel advice but when you see these locations you’ll see how we couldn’t keep them bottled up.

Kynance Cove (Porth Keynans) Cornwall
kynance cove cornwall

Cornwall is a very popular tourist destination, with people from all over the UK choosing it as their yearly holiday destination. As you can imagine, judging by the photo above it’s unlike any other part of the UK. Life is taken at a much slower pace and instead of decommissioned power plants on your doorstep you are met with crystal clear waters which have some of the cleanest water readings in Europe thanks to the Atlantic ocean currents. Cornwall takes 5 hours to get to from London via road or train and in the summer months by road this time could be doubled.

Kynance Cove seen above is a cove nestled in the Lizard peninsula, just over 1.5 miles north of Lizard Point which is the most southerly part of the UK. The Cornish translation of Porth Keynan means ravine cove, which is very fitting to describe the small hamlet which is perched between two sheer slabs of granite. A cafe is the only amenity in the area and a great place to enjoy a hot chocolate after you’ve explored the caves and conquered the island around Kynance. Up until 1991 it relied on power generated by the stream running down onto the beach.

You mustn’t forget your imagination when down in the cove. The seas around Penzance and the Lizard Peninsula was home to hordes of pirates who would store treasure in coves just like this. Who know’s what you’ll discover!

When to Visit

  • All year round
  • Winter months will give you more seclusion and on a sunny day the sea will be a deeper shade of turquoise

Things to bring

  • Swimsuit
  • Wetsuit between October-May
  • Binoculars
  • Food
  • Imagination

How long?

  • 3 hours, we recommend visiting after lunch or taking lunch with you for a piknick on the beach

Luskentyre Beach Scotland

luskentyre beach

“Good things come to those who dare”

If it was easy to get to then everyone would be there. Luskentyre is another stunning example of unparalleled beauty that only mother nature is capable of creating. It’s situated on the isle of Harris in the outer Hebrides, which have a population of 26’000. Put in perspective the nearest road to this island is over 2 miles away. So if you’ve not got a G63 AMG then pack your walking boots you’re in for a hike.

Sadly there is no cafe to warm your socks after a day of adventuring the everlasting sand dunes and surrounding hills but it’s likely you’ll have the place to yourself. There are also wild shetland ponies on the island with this beach being a particular favourite of theirs.

When to Visit

  • April – October

What to Take

  • Food
  • Hot drink
  • Wetsuit – All year around, maximum sea temperature is a little over 13 degrees
  • Glamping gear!?

How Long For?

  • All day, being so remote it would be a travesty not to devote an entire day to it

An Inland Paradise

There are many famous landmarks such as Stonehenge, The Tower of London and Canterbury Cathedral to name a few, however if you want a story to tell of a sight no one has heard of these are not for you.

Snowdonia – Wales

Conway Castle Snowdonia

This is a National Park situated in the heart of Wales, it’s home to castles built by Edward the I in the 13th century, who seemingly enjoyed building lots of castles! A dry ski slope, a mountain railway, the highest mountain in Wales and loads of scenic walking routes.

Conwy is a small town situated on the north coast of Wales and is home to Conwy castle a very imposing castle built during Edward the I’s conquest of Wales. It’s been acknowledged as one of the finest examples of 13-14th century architecture and that has made it a world heritage sight. It sits in an imposing position over the town in a rocky outcrop with one side protected by the sea.

A visit to Snowdonia isn’t complete without a visit to Snowdon, Wales’ highest mountain and one of the only mountains in the world to have a train going up and down to it’s summit. In the summer it’s a hot long climb to the top so we recommend visiting in spring so that there is still a little snow on the top. If you’re lucky enough to go on a day with a low thin cloud cover you can climb through the cloud into the blue skies above.

When to Visit

  • April – October

What to Take

  • Water
  • Picknick
  • Lots of layers – climbing can be hot and cold
  • Walking boots
  • Blister Plasters

How Long For?

  • Half day for Conway Castle
  • Full day for Snowdon


Having lived in Great Britain my entire life some of the best landmarks I’ve come across have been exploring place to place. So if all else fails hire a car and set off on an adventure, Great Britain isn’t big and there are no dangerous animals should you break down!

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  • Wow that beach in Scotland is as amazing as many I have visited around the world and technically it is on my doorstep!! Note to self…visit my own nation more!

    • I know, we’ve made it a goal for ourselves to make more ‘domestic’ trips! So much our beautiful nation has to offer 🙂

      Emily x

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