Discovering Constantine Beach

Nestled away in the South West of England is a undisturbed natural beauty. Cornwall. Sometimes it can be regarded as a little backward, but to me this is what makes it so special. It’s one of the only places you can go in the UK and have an enjoyable experience at any time of year regardless of the weather. In the middle of winter, storms stir the ocean to the point that there is a colossal battle with the coastline, you can view this from pretty much any of the 300 miles of coast path. If it’s sunny then you can enjoy being the only one on any of the most expansive beaches. I was recently incredibly envious of everyone who got to experience the true power of St Jude’s storm.

It’s sadly very common for people to completely disregard the beauty around them, always assuming the grass is always greener and more beautiful on the other side of the world. I for one have certainly been guilty of this, and only once I moved to London did I appreciate the immense wonder and fortune of everyone lucky enough to live in Cornwall. So here I am, conjuring old memories and sharing them with you, kicking it all off with one idyllic location in particular. Constantine Beach.

What you didn’t know about Constantine Beach

constantine beach

Constantine actually consists of two beaches which are joined at low tide, and are only separated by a small headland. The other beach is called Booby’s bay which boasts a ship wreck at the lowest of tides, which moves depending on the current. Constantine Bay is named after Saint Constantine, a 6th-century Cornish saint. There is a Well in his name which can easily be accessed from Trevose Golf Club, which has numerous holes overlooking Constantine beach and Booby’s Bay. It’s actually one of the best courses

Everything you need to know in order to craft the ideal experience

In the summer this beach will become exceptionally crowded. It’s not helped by the fact Prince William and Harry used and probably still do, take their summer holidays in the area. National press soon picked up on it and Rock, Constantine and Padstow became a must visit destination. So I recommend visiting in mid September or May, the issue with coming earlier on in the year is that the water will be chatteringly cold.

Is this the best beach in Cornwall?

The experience of this beach is what you go to enjoy so I’m going to to talk you though what you can expect from the moment you step out of the car.

The entire drive leading up to the beach car park will fill you with anticipation. Dashing through small country lanes, you don’t even get a glimpse of the sea for the 4 miles leading up to the beach. Overhead you will often see the clouds parting and clearing as you head closer and closer towards the coast. Constantine, guarded by the spirit of St Constantine always manages to have the best weather in Cornwall.

Along the winding roads you will see the occasional walker or excited child making their way towards to beach, bucket and spade in hand. The car park is incredibly small and if you’re visiting in mid summer you’ll be lucky to get a place. Alternative parking further away from the beach is available and is just an inconvenience.

You access the beach down a unimposing, dull driveway. There is literally nothing to say about it other than the fact the monotony of it produces an exquisite contrast when you set eyes upon the beach. Raised up high you view the entire expanse of Constantine with the reef directly ahead of you out to sea. The sand dunes on your right, a small winding stream leading to the sea in front and then a vast expanse of a golden shimmer.

I’ve seen people of all ages, run down onto the beach in excitement, eager to enjoy every emotion running through their body. The beach is around 1/2 mile long, stretching up to 1/2 a mile if it’s low tide and you can walk the length of Booby’s bay.

There is only so much I can explain with text, you’ve really got to go there and experience it for yourself. It’s certainly in contention for the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Be on the lookout for future the luxuries of Cornwall posts where I will revisit my childhood home.

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