A Walk Through London

Walking through London is the only way to take in all the sights and connect on a personal level with the city. Many of London’s most popular sights are located within a 4 mile radius of one another. We’ve recently completed the first in our series of Luxury walks through the capital, which was a 2 mile stroll from Green Park to Knightsbridge. Along the way there are some famous landmarks including; The Lanesborough Hotel, Wellington Arch, Australian War Memorial, Harvey Nichols and The Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

We’ve mapped our route so you can quite literally follow in our footsteps and see where each of the sights are located.

Walks in London

Green Park

The walk begins from Green Park, which is a 4 minute walk from Buckingham Palace. Green Park is one of the less well known and quieter parks in London. In the northwest corner there are some delightful coffee shops and ice-cream parlours. On a hot day we advise getting one of these before you embark as it will cool you down, raise blood sugar levels and allow you to soak up the sights. Green Park is also well, very green, whoever named it obviously had a very creative imagination! The greenery is very welcomed though, making the air very fresh as you walk down the paths, which are between huge oak trees that dapple the sunlight along the walkway. Alongside the 12 ft high hedge there are a few magnificent gates, allowing you to envision the aristocracy roaming these upper class streets, centuries ago.


While you walk through the park you may hear the occasional roar of a V12 engine. An iconic sound to the area, as people from around the globe bring their wealth and super cars to London for the world to see. When you get to the end of the pathway you will come to a huge roundabout, in the centre of which is Wellington Arch. The arch, also known as the Constitutional Arch, was built between 1826-30 and was commissioned by George IV to commemorate Britain’s victories during the Napoleonic Wars. Inside the arch there is a small English heritage display over 3 floors detailing its history.

wellington arch

A stone’s throw from the Wellington Arch is the Australian War Memorial. This was dedicated in 2003 to the recognition of the 102,000 service men who gave their lives for the Allied effort in the First and Second World Wars. The memorial is semicircular in shape and made from granite from western Australia. The memorial includes the names of the 47 battles Australia was involved in as well as the 23,844 towns in which the soldiers were born in. It’s a very humbling and elegant memorial worth your review.

australia memorial london

If you love hearing the roar of supercars such as a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta or a Mercedes SLS, then the remainder of this walk is really going to appeal to you. Park lane merges into the A4, which is the road to Knightsbridge. The first building you come to is The Lanesborough Hotel, an establishment with a reputation in London as one of the finest places in which you can seek lodging. Parked outside you are likely to find a couple of Rolls Royce Phantoms and maybe even a Bugatti Veyron. The location, reputation and experience bring the world’s richest people on their summer holidays. Judging from the picture below, it’s quite likely James Bond enjoys afternoon tea there as well!


As you walk towards Knightsbridge you will notice quaint antique shops selling anything from rugs to paintings, a vast contrast to the roar of super cars. Walking into the Persian rug boutique for a feel of princely status. The faint smell of frankincense fills the room while you are waited on hand and foot. The series of specialist shops slowly comes to a close as you make your way into the heart of Knightsbridge.


On your right hand side you will see a hotel with lots of hustle and bustle around it–the Mandarin Oriental. This very popular hotel has a fantastic garden terrace at the rear of the building that looks out over Hyde Park. Then on your left is Harvey Nichols, the famous upscale department store and the final destination on our luxury adventure through west London. Harvey Nichols has a fantastic champagne bar which you should check out over the cafe ,which is slightly disappointing in comparison to the rest of their store.

This is the first in our feature of luxury walks in the city, but be sure to come back again and check out some more. While you’re in London, why not check out some of the unique restaurants this city has to offer.

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