Top 5 Most Expensive Hotels in the World

The cheapest hotel on this list far surpasses the average wage of the typical American. These hotel rooms are super luxury and super exclusive, renting a room here will add your name to a list of only a handful blessed individuals.

Number 5 – Hotel Martinez – Cannes – France – $37’000 per night

hotel martinez cannes

After the editorial team of The Luxe Travel recently visited Cannes and were slightly underwhelmed by the luxury of the place this suite makes a surprising appearance in the top 5. Cannes is renowned for the richest people in the world enjoying their summer vacations, this suite is a reason why. Located in the Martinez Hotel which has rooms starting at around $700 a night you have access to a private beach, Michelin starred restaurant and piano bar which always features the worlds top musicians. The room is kitted out in an Art Deco style.

Number 4 Palms Fantasy Tower – Las Vegas – $40’000 per night

top 5 most expensive hotels in the world

In the fantasy tower of the Palms Hotel and Casino lies the Hugh Heighner Sky villa. It’s hundreds of feet above the famous Las Vegas strip and the cantilevered hot tub will make anyone want to take their clothes off. At almost 1000 square meters you will not be short of space to host a lavish party well into the night before retiring to the 8 foot rotating bed. If you’re not keen on brash, flamboyance then this room isn’t for you. It’s made to show off and it’s visited frequently be the like of Jay-Z and Kanye West.

Number 3 – Four Seasons Hotel – New York – $41’000 per night

ty warner penthouse

The Four seasons is owned by the billionaire founder to the Beanie Babies, Ty warner. The Ty Warner Penthouse Suite is the creme de la creme of luxury hotel rooms in New York city. There is a 360 degree view of the city from the suite which is complimented by the floor to ceiling windows, so you can soak in every inch of detail New York has to offer. While staying in this suite you will also have you own personal Chef, Butler, Trainer and Masseuse, putting your mind at ease while you enjoy dinner under the gargantuan chandelier.

Number 2 – The Raj Palace Hotel – India – $45’00 per night

raj palace hotel

The Raj Palace Hotel is one of a kind, it’s Royal suite spans 4 floors, is covered in gold leaf and ivory and spans over 1500 square meters. It’s not often you will find yourself living in the footsteps of royalty and the monarch nature of the building still reigns strong. With a private roof terrace and museum which holds hundreds of paintings and artefacts this suite enjoys amazing panoramic views of the bustling city of Jaipur.

Number 1 – Hotel President Wilson – Switzerland – $65’000 per night


Located over lake Geneva this massive 1680 square meter suite blows the second most expensive hotel on the planet. It’s also designed to house a president with bullet proof glass, waiters on hand 24/7 and security that rivals Fort Knox. The suite is comprised of 12 rooms, it has it’s own private elevator so guests really do get the elusive treatment in what is already an ultra elusive hotel. The view over lake Geneva is quite breathtaking and probably one of the most secure locations on the planet.

Here is a small insight into the life of the super wealthy, would you spend you money on this if you had it?

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