Royal Crescent Hotel Review – Bath

outside the royal crescent hotel bath spa

Last year we stayed for one night at the Royal Crescent hotel in the Brinsley Sheridan Royal Suite. Every suite has a deep history, the full history can be found here. Here is an except on the Brinsley Sheridan, “Two duels ensued in the summer of 1772; the second resulted in grave injury to Sheridan. Elizabeth, who was not informed of the wounding until her lover was out of danger, wrote to Sheridan with characteristic spirit: ‘Believe me, had you died, I should certainly have dressed myself as a man and challenged M. He should have killed me or I would have revenged you and myself.” Sounded a pretty exciting sequence of events for Mr Sheridan, the eloper.

We arrived just after lunch on Saturday and were in Bath to visit my parents and celebrate their wedding anniversary. A porter greeted us, who showed us to a drawing room while our check in was arranged. He took the car and parked it within reach in the crescent. The overall check in was very personal, efficient and hassle free and couldn’t have enjoyed it more.

They key to great service is being made to feel special and the Royal crescent achieved just that, names on the door, being addressed by your name when interacting with staff members while wondering around. A very pleasant touch.

name on the door

The room opened up with two large windows overseeing the crescent with foliage from outside surrounding to allow privacy. The fireplace was the centrepiece, it featured an ornate clock and classic books which filled the room with prestige. A TV and Nespresso coffee machine and snack selection were supplied as one would expect.

bookcase in the sheridan suite

The lounge had a large, very comfy sofa as it’s centrepiece facing the fireplace. A selection of magazines were on the coffee table and the first thing we did was to relax here and have a coffee. Often the idea of taking the time to chill on a city break is lost, but lounging in the room with the sun streaming in and hot air balloons drifting across the horizon was just magical.

There are double doors into the bedroom that revealed a Queen size bed with what I presume to have been 800-1000 thread count cotton sheets. The room was snug with a foot and a half of space either side of the bed and another large window. I’ve put together a very quick video so you can see for yourself!

I spent a good hour and a half in the bath, initially because of an intense nerve pain in my calve muscle but then once that was alleviated by the warm water for pleasure. I’m 6ft 5 and could fully stretch my legs out which is not something I can do often! So if you don’t feel like splurging on the spa the bathroom isn’t the worst alternative.

As per our usual review structure we have a series of questions to hopefully give you a completely comprehensive picture of what to expect.


What was check in like?

Personal, efficient with no waiting by a desk but instead relaxing in a drawing room while our bags and car were taken care of.

Were we upgraded?

Having booked one of the top of the line suites we were not

Was there a valet service?

Yes the royal crescent hotel has a valet service

Were we addressed by name?

If you were paying attention you’ll know the answer, yeah we were!

Was there free Wifi?

Yes wifi was included but I don’t remember using it too much relaxing.


What was your first impression?

Having not read much on the hotel, nor known about the history of the rooms awe was my first impression. There was plenty of grandeur and excitement about spending our weekend there.

Was there a personal welcome note?

There wasn’t but the name on the door was a lovely touch

Concierge Service

As the hotel is very personal the same porter who took care of the car also handle our concierge needs.

How was the bed?

This big question, sleep quality, comfort and cleanliness. One thing that’s critical for my hotel experience is to feel like I’m the first person to sleep on a bed. I can confirm it felt as if the sheets had been made minutes before, great linens and a well structured mattress.

How was the storage?

Storage wasn’t plentiful but there was one big wardrobe with some small draws beneath it and an accompanying chest of drawers.


Yes and slippers!

Proximity to other rooms?

The rooms being large are well spread out, while staying we didn’t notice and internal guest noises nor feel like we were near other guests.

How was the sleep quality?

Perfect, even though facing the cresent with the shutters and comfortable bed no outside noise was heard, and it being Saturday night.

Sadly there were two things we didn’t get to enjoy…

Spa Facilities

When we were here sadly the Spa was in renovation, we did have a quick look around. It’s not the biggest spa in the world but I can imagine it’s very personal and quiet. Refurbed spa’s are our favourites as everything is clean and functional.

Dining Facilities

As we stayed one night and had dinner at Herd restaurant we did not have a change to experience the dining facilities. However we did have a drink in the lovely Montagu bar for a glass of bubbly. The outside garden area is gorgeous and has sun until the late afternoon.

view of royal crescent hotel garden


16 Royal Crescent

Check out their website to understand their complete offering

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