Manta Resort Tanzania Floating Undersea Hotel Room

This isn’t the first article we’ve done that bodes the opportunity to open with a Godfather Cliché. Instead of meaning you’re a dead man, you can indeed reside alive, might I add, and sleep amongst the fishes. Corleone must be turning in his grave. Underwater hotels have become very popular, with high end travelers flocking to them because of their exclusivity. Manta resort off the Coast of Pemba Island in Tanzania is the perfect place to experience the latest undersea hotel room. At the time of writing this only 9 people have visited. Unlike the Poseidon Undersea Resort, currently being built in Fiji, this is a singular floating room which is submerged 13 feet below the surface. Floating may seem precarious but being designed by Swedes who designed the indestructible Volvos it’s likely that it’s very safe.

manta resort sea life

There are three levels of living space, with a sundeck above sea level, a living common area at and living quarters below.

The Sundeck has enough space to arrange yourself to any position necessary in order to get the best tanning angle, or it can serve as a diving platform for the azure blue ocean. The middle level contains a bar and living space, a place to provide refuge from the intense midday sun.

manta sundeck

Due to the resorts location in the Indian ocean, hundreds of miles from the nearest city, you can experience astonishing astronomy, before reclining to bed to bare witness to the ocean by night. Thanks to the well positioned spot lights you can observe the reef at all times of the day.

This isn’t suitable for the average family holiday but would be the perfect location to go on honeymoon. The room is only accessible by boat so it boasts ultimate seclusion, with plenty of water around to dose things if they get too steamy….

Tanzania offers plenty of other excursions as staying in this room isn’t going to be a week long venture. Tanzania is home to some of the world best safari parks, and if you fancy yourself as a casual rambler then you can tame Mt Kilimanjaro. With unspoiled coastline you can make your way up to parent island of Zanzibar and experience the local culture and wildlife.

The Manta resort does have more to it than a underwater hotel room. The small island of Pemba on which it’s located is home to brilliant white sand beaches. If you’re a waters ports enthusiast then then you’re in luck, there are frequent afternoon trade winds that allow for windsurfing and kiteboarding. There is a beach bar that serves cocktails all day long, the island is a luscious sub tropical paradise and you can escape your sea fronted villa and hang out with many of the rare brown headed parrots which have been confined to the island.

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