Living under a rock – Luxury Cave Hotels

Living under a rock – Luxury Cave Hotels

Not many people aspire to ‘live under a rock’. So when the idea of a luxury cave hotel was conceived not many people thought the idea would catch on. A traditional cave itself doesn’t provide a very good platform for a hotel. Many of the rooms would have no windows, it would be cold, damp, require a large scale air processing unit and be one step too far in achieving grandeur by uniqueness. That’s not to say that cave hotels do not work, they do and there are many located in all corners of the globe, it’s just that the resemble a more typical tunnel structure, rather than the typical cavernous image the word cave brings to mind.

Many of the the cave hotels we feature are very environmentally friendly. Occupying a cave does not cause and visual pollution and building works are much less than a typical hotel making the overall project much more carbon neutral. One of the benefits of staying in a cave hotel is, sound proofing. Even the best hotels in the world suffer from sound transfer. Regardless of how much insulation, space, double/triple glazing you have, if the next door room watches the T.V. on full volume or has a party at 3am you’re going to hear it. When in a cave having meters of rock between you and the next room does wonders for sound proofing, so you can have a very peaceful stay, so ideal if you want to have a party in your room at 3 am, no one will ever know!

One of the most exciting pieces of news on luxury cave hotels comes from China, where they are opening this resort;

Luxury Cave Hotel China

cave hotel china

Tucked away in the Songjiang District plans have been unveiled and construction begun on a 17 floor hotel built into the rock, beset by a waterfall. The hotel was proposed by a British engineering firm over 4 years ago, the site, a 100m deep abandoned pit, the vision? A luxury eco friendly hotel that would shock, inspire and help eco tourism in china. The guest rooms will be curved and glass fronted to match the typography of the landscape and look over the pit’s sunken lake and waterfall. There are plans to have 10 aquariums within the hotel, using the abundance of water and natural aquarium suitable natural features. My initial visions are something like that of an above ground underwater hotel if that’s even possible?

As you can see this isn’t a true cave hotel however the project itself does require underground construction. Eco lover’s will be glad to know the roof is being covered in grass and the heating all powered by geothermal energy. If you like an adrenaline rush while staying in a 5* hotel then you will be glad to know you can bungee jump off a cantilevered platform overhanging the lake. Rock climbing and abseiling is also going to be offered in a dedicated extreme sports centre.

Moving on let’s look at some iconic typical cave hotels.

The MDC Cave Hotel – Cappadocia Turkey

mdc hotel turkey

This hotel is truly unique, with the caves being occupied by the Turks for hundreds if not thousands of years UNESCO has declared the site to be a World Heritage site. This hotel is the very envision of what a cave hotel should contain. The cave system spans the cliff and each hotel room has it’s own independent access. Within most rooms common amenities have been constructed into the rock themselves, this includes; the stairs, desks, wash basin, shower, jacuzzi etc. When you inspect some of the photo’s of the rooms you will see that natural light is scarce at times, so make sure you’re happy with that before visiting.

If you’re a fan of things being underground you will also have the chance to explore and ancient underground city a few kilometers from the hotel, built by the Greeks hundreds of years ago. This region of turkey littered with caves with more hotels being planned in the future, due to popular demand to this region.

Sala Silvermine Hotel – Sweden

sala silvermine hotel sweden

Sweden, known for being wild nordic warriors of days gone by offer a very unique, raw experience in this cave hotel staying in the deepest hotel bedroom in the world. This is very much for the warriors in you, and if you suffer from even a minor amount of claustrophobia then cross this one off your list. Amenities are minimal, you don’t have a toilet in the room and you will not get any kind of wireless or telephone signal. This is really a once in a lifetime experience and great bragging rights when you’re next sharing stories with any peer, this will top them all, so you owe us a beer!


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  1. I think if I were to stay in a ‘cave hotel’ it would have to be the luxury cave hotel in China! The Sala Silvermine hotel in Sweden looks so cold, but would be an experience that’s for sure.


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