Five Fabulous Hotels to Enjoy a Silent Slumber

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Getting away from it all is a must on our books. Enjoy these unique hotels that whisk you away from the hustle and bustle to a night of solid slumber.

Luxury can come in all shapes and sizes. That’s what our list of fabulously unique hotels sets out to prove. For most of us, a sense of true escape is all the luxury we need, and these hotels offer up exciting new ways to achieve just that. Whether you love nature or the city, exploring historic locations or lounging by the beach, these unusual luxury suites will inspire every traveller looking for that something different and to escape the hustle and bustle. 

The Mine Suite at Sala Silvermine, Sweden

 sala silvermine hotel

Our lives are full of distractions. We’re now so well connected it can be hard to get away from it all, but here’s a spot where you can truly escape. In Västmanland County’s Sala Silvermine, dating back to the 15th century, you can rest your head in a luxury suite like no other – 155m below ground. With no noise, no windows, and more importantly, no mobile phone reception you’ll sleep in a seductively dark natural cavern in an atmosphere like no other. Being buried so deep underground – this is the world’s deepest hotel room – doesn’t mean scrimping on luxury. The suite is beautifully decorated and you’ll be pampered with champagne and chocolates. Enjoy a unique late night candlelit dinner, and you have the chance to explore the fascinating tunnels and underground caverns.

Manta Resort’s Underwater Bedroom, Zanzibar

manta sundeck

If luxury holidays to you means being by the ocean, then it doesn’t get any better than this. This Swedish designed floating structure provides three levels for you to chill out in, right in the heart of the sea alongside the beautifully secluded island of Pemba. There’s a landing deck at sea level, a ladder to the sea level lounge area, where you can sunbathe in complete privacy and stargaze at night. However it’s the underwater bedroom level that really takes the breath away. Almost 360-degree views of the surrounding coral reef, shoals of shimmering fish swimming by your window, and underwater spotlights for a night-time view like no other. It’s an unforgettable stay that provides as much excitement as it does relaxation. 

Nottingham Place Hotel, London

nottingham palace hotel

Right in the heart of London’s buzzing West End, the Nottingham Palace Hotel provides boutique luxury like no other. A range of designer suites are available – from executive to duplex – each with its own unique décor and atmosphere. With non-other than interior designer Anouska Hempel at the helm, alongside Domb Architects, you know you’re in for an exquisite treat. Add to that the fact that each room is kitted out with Hästens beds, renowned to be the most comfortable beds on the planet, and you have a haven to escape to within Marylebone, from which you can explore all the nightlife, fabulous shopping, theatre, music and culture the capital can throw at you. 

The Ice Hotel, Lapland

icehotel bedreeom

The Ice Hotel is as ‘cool’ as it gets. Friends Par Granlund and Yngve Bergqvist began in 1990 with a simple vision: to create a beautiful igloo that would serve as a creative hub. What began as one little art gallery has now grown, year on year, to include around 50 snow and ice rooms, plus individually designed Art Suites. You can choose to sleep on snow or ice – in heated rooms, with snuggly sleeping bags – or try out one of the spectacular Northern Lights rooms that recreate the effects of the aurora borealis using glowing lights to make you feel as if you’re sleeping under the real thing. Inspiration is all around in this fascinating building and its stunning Lapland location.

Aurora Bubble at the Nellim Wilderness Hotel, Lapland

Talking of the Northern Lights, this spectacular Bubble allows you to experience the natural light displays all night long. From your cozy double bed you can gaze up at the star-lit sky in comfort, with the sights and sounds of nature all around you. The Nellim is an eco-hotel that’s dedicated to helping adventurous explorers experience the wilds of Lapland first-hand. If you’re looking for an unforgettable way to view the Northern Lights, this offers a once-in-a-lifetime way to do it.

Whatever your idea of luxury, we hope you’ll find some inspiration here and tell us about some of your own favourite hotel stays. What does luxury mean to you? A four-poster bed or a night camping under the stars? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments.

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