Amberlair – The Worlds First Crowd funded Boutique Hotel

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What if I told you that a hotel you could stay at in the near future could be one you helped design, create the vibe and make your visions a reality?

You may think I’m a bit mad, right? The only way in which you can build a hotel on your terms is through a substantial investment and help from a team of solicitors, designers, architects and engineers. That may be true, but not in the way that you are thinking. Here is what I’m getting at – with Amberlair, you can achieve this with a whole team of you’s!


Amberlair are taking becoming a hotelier to a new level. They’ve created a crowd fund project in which you can have your say on the best location in the world for a boutique hotel. Like many of you reading, I’ve certainly been to stunning towns well off the beaten path, which have lacked that truly special place to stay. My vote, for example, would be on the Helford River in Cornwall or in Gordon in the South of France. Two that I’m going to submit!

This is the first stage of the project where people like you and me share with Amberlair their favourite locations that they think need a boutique hotel. Amberlair then upload all the top applications to a round of voting where everyone has the chance to vote.

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Once the destination has been chosen then it’s time for everyone to get together and make it a reality. This is where the funding of the hotel will take place; you can have a share in this hotel and receive some great benefits. You can also become an ambassador or supplier and help ensure the hotel has the necessities in order for it to function, ensuring all types of capital are accounted for in the crowd fund.

It’s an incredibly simple concept, which will need everyone to get behind and help make it happen. It’s certainly raised the question as to what my favourite boutique hotel would be – please humour my attempt at creativity!

My Perfect Hotel

Location: Helford Passage in Cornwall


Décor: Classic country house modernised for privacy and to ensure maximum use of light and frontage to the river. The restaurant would be a large banqueting hall with a series of open fires. The rooms would each have a huge four-poster bed and double doors opening onto a private balcony overlooking the river. There would be a cedar wood and orange scent throughout and a maximum of 40 guests.

Unique Selling Point: Hot tubs on every balcony with views of the river and an area to dine on the private beach during the summer months.

Ambience: Calm and relaxed with the option to take part in lots of water sports, hiking and adventures.

Emily and I have always been massive advocates of boutique hotels. Our first real experience was in Italy in the sunny town of Taormina. We love the feeling of becoming part of the family while away and getting to see more than you would normally at a run-of-the-mill chain. Whenever we go away we’re always on the look out for a boutique place to visit.

amberlair buttonWe’re excited to have been offered the chance to take part in this project and thoroughly hope you get involved too!

The question is what would be your dream boutique hotel?

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