London’s Most Unique Restaurants

London’s Most Unique Restaurants

London is one of the most diverse cities in the world, it’s at the forefront of innovation in both industry and in it’s culture. Every restaurateur is competing to offer the most unique experience to their customers. Have you ever dined in a Soho sex shop? Or how about in a pitch black room with blind waiters? Well now you can. London has all of these and more in experiences set to take you on a journey through the bizarre and delightful. This list covers a selection of 5 restaurants The Luxe Travel has been to over the last 12 months which stood out among the rest!

Dans le Noir –


The first unique experience on our list is in the Clerkenwell area of London a few minutes from the city. In this restaurant you’ll be taken into a pitch black room by potentially a blind server. Some of the waiters have night vision however many are blind so in order to call one over you have to call their name. This makes for some interesting correspondence in the room as 60 people call their waiter for drinks. The menu is fixed and you have a choice of 4, one fish, one meat, one vegetarian and one surprise. Great fun, although not the best place to take someone on a first date…

La Bodegra Negra –


This next restaurant is not the place to take your grandparents as the entrance is going to potentially give them a heart attack. It is however a great place for a first date as it really break the ice and livens up the evening. The restaurant serves mexican street food along with all the mexican drinks and trimmings you would expect. This accompanied by the rustic underground cellar give the place plenty of atmosphere. The portion sizes are nothing spectacular, if you’ve got a big appetite you will need to order many tapas selections as the menu does very much come under nuvo cuisine. The restaurant has been set up be Serge Becker who found the very popular La Esquina restaurant in New York city.

Clos Maggiore –

clos maggiore

The Clos Maggiore has been voted year after year as London’s most romantic restaurant. Extremely popular as a pre and post theatre establishment, Clos Maggiore manages to alight any couples embers, no matter how strong they are burning. The contemporary French cuisine which is headed up by the former Michelin 2 star chef Marcellin Marc from Aix-en-provence is superb. They offer private dining services for individuals, couples and parties of up to 23 people. The pick of the dining spots however is in the conservatory room which is overhung by beautiful flowers and intertwined with fairy lights.

Inamo –


Inamo offer oriental infusion dishes which are ordered from the touchscreen of your table. The dishes draw influence from Japan, China, Korea, Thailand and many other asian countries to take your palate on a whirlwind adventure. The tables don’t just serve as a menu they are also an information point to the history of the cuisine, the local area of Piccadilly circus and even offer you the option to order a taxi home.

Bubbledogs –


Bubbledogs has gone after two very popular selling points and combined them together. Few people dislike a delectable glass of the finest champagne but who would of thought how well it would go down with some of London’s finest hot dogs.  Categorised as a bar and not a restaurant this establishment made it’s way onto the list because of the unique and delightful experience it delivers. They are located just off Tottenham court road so they are with walking distance of many shows and hotels, certainly worth a visit.

This is our list containing 5 unique experiences when you visit London. If you’ve had any amazing experience in England’s capital please let us know so we can review it and potentially add it to the list.

Yours Truly,

The Luxe Travel Team.

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