Best Steak Restaurants On Each Continent

awesome steak restaurants from around the world!

Anyone who values and is passionate about their meat, must have heard about the infamous, Meatopia events held in the USA, and for the first time ever this year held in London. Thousands of meat fanatics gather in one place to sample the creations of chefs and restauranteurs from around the world. Some notable names include, DJ BBQ who has a rather large following on youtube, Richard Turner the founder of the infamous Hawkesmoor Restaurant which you will find out a bit more about later on.

best restaurants from around the world

What Qualities Must The Best Steak Restaurant Have?

Here are a few factors we’ve considered when crowning our champions;

  • Choice – A true steak restaurant will have a great variety of meat, from T-bone to Rump. Having an on site butchery will also help customise your dish.
  • Meat Heritage – A true meat palace will source it’s meats from the most prime farms in the land. It must go beyond the call of duty to ensure it’s meat is the best available.
  • Ambience – Steak restaurants are rarely awarded a Michelin star, in fact we love this as Michelin stars suggest, small, revolutionary, somewhat odd cuisine and dishes. We want size, brawn and taste and are not too bothered about the silver service.
  • Consistency – We love restaurants to be consistent with the quality of service they provide, there is nothing worse than turning up to a restaurant that just doesn’t live up to it’s raving reviews.

Best Steak Restaurant in Europe

Hawkesmoor – London


Without a shadow of a doubt the Hawkesmoor is the best steak restaurant in Europe. With numerous locations in London, no matter which location you choose you are going to be blessed with the finest steak on the planet. We particularly like them because aside from sourcing some amazing meat they also operate in a very ethical way. A rare trait to see these days in the restaurant business. The pick of the Menu has to be the Porterhouse cut, at around 400g. There is nothing better on this earth. The flavours of the meats are not hidden by sauces or over seasoning, everything is balanced to bring out the delectable taste of the meat.

Best Steak Restaurant in North America

the palm new york

The Palm – New York

This restaurant although strictly not a specific steak house, has been in business for over 85 years and in that time has perfected the 16oz New York strip. Found predominantly in the US, this cut is cooked in a specially made over than sears it up to 1600 degrees, ensuring you get the perfect char everytime. There are 4 locations around New York and everyone has the same ability to produce amazing steak. The meat heritage lacks in comparison to other continents because the beef is fed corn instead of grass, which gives the meat a better flavour. It’s still well aged and sits proudly in North America’s top spot.

Best Steak Restaurant in South America


Cabaña Las Lilas – Buenos Aires

Located right in the heart of the city this steakhouse serves the finest Argentinian beef on the continent. Argentinian beef has a reputation for being amazing as the cattle are allowed freedom to roam over the plains. This massive amount of fresh air, exercise and natural diet grow strong cows that produce tender, succulent meat. Cabana know how important this is and source their meat from a select range of breeds; black and red angus, Hereford polled and horned, black and red brangus, braford and brahman. If you’re in Argentina don’t forget to go and check this place out!

Best Steak Restaurant in Asia

rib room bar

Rib Room and Bar – Bangkok

When the guys from The Hangover visited Bangkok then they should have gone and had their bachelor party here. The Rib Room and bar sits 31 floors up above the Bangkok skyline and is home some fantastic steak. There are very few places in the world you can get 400 day aged beef but this place is one of them. The steak is top notch which works well with the traditional thai flavours which are heavy on the spices. Even though we feel too much seasoning is meat sacrilege, the beef served here is of such quality the traditional thai flavours work very will and work with the natural flavour

Best Steak Restaurant in Africa

cattle baran cape town

Cattle Baron – Cape Town

Cattle Baron is a carnivores delight located on the Tyger Waterfront. The only real let down of this restaurant is that it caters to vegetarians. As long as they don’t complain about meat eaters while you tuck into a 1kg chateaubriand, of demolish a rack of ribs, then nobody need to be hurt. South Africa has a meat heritage much like Argentina, they accept nothing but the best, wild reared, well aged steak. This classy establishment serves the very best and thoroughly deserves the top spot in Africa.

There you have it the roundup of the best steak restaurants from across the planet, have you eaten at each one yet?


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