The Complete Guide to Afternoon Tea in the UK

Afternoon tea is a very British tradition which is offered in various forms and many varying venues all over the UK. In London you’ll find Afternoon tea in it’s most contemporary form at the Ritz as well as in it’s most abstract form, Willy Wonkas Afternoon tea at One Aldwych.

In this guide we’ve explored the offering across the UK in order to bring you the best picture of what to expect and the best places to find it. We’re intending on continually growing this guide as much as possible so if your city isn’t listed yet check back soon as we’re adding cities weekly.

The Best Afternoon Tea Locations in the UK


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Afternoon Tea in Leeds


What is a traditional afternoon tea?

Traditional afternoon tea consists of a selection of small sandwiches, usually with an assortment of savoury fillings. This includes the popular thinly sliced cucumber sandwiches! Alongside the sandwiches there are a selection of cakes and finally scones with clotted creams and a variety of jams. This is usually to this day the staple in what many venues offer however in order to stand out from the crowd it’s common to see infusions and unique ways of crafting these traditional treats.

When did afternoon tea become a convention?

Afternoon tea was made popular in the 19th Century by the Duchess of Bedford, she would become hungry at around 4 o clock and didn’t want to wait until 8 o’clock her dinner for food. She asked for some tea and some sandwiches at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. This soon became a habit of hers and invited her friends to join and the rest you can say is history as this convention spread.

Afternoon Tea By Region

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Alternative Afternoon Tea

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Healhiest Afternoon Tea

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