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the editors of the website

While the word luxury holds certain expectations of plush velvet cushions, infinity pools and the finest champagne in the finest crystal dangling languorously between the polished fingers of the finest lady, we think that luxury extends beyond the price tag, and while we do love all of these luxurious things at The Luxe Travel, we know that luxury can sometimes be found in the most unexpected places. We like the idea of catering to the luxury of your senses, be it visual luxury or the luxury of sound, taste, time or touch. That being said, we don’t offer you luxury loosely defined. It must be so pleasing, so memorable to your senses that you feel you’re having one of the finest experiences in the world.

In addition to searching out fulfilling, unique luxury experiences around the globe and providing useful advice to reduce turbulence in your travels and prepare you for anything, we respect your needs in your quest for luxury.

The Luxe Travel is a unique travel blog in that we want to cater your interests and requests in designing your idea of the ultimate luxury experience. We highly encourage any traveler to leave comments or requests for special locales or travel advice via our contact form. Unique, popular or useful suggestions for new posts and features will be considered by our team and incorporated in our blog, so that you know we are catering to your personal luxury desires.

We hope you are intrigued by our snapshots of the world and experienced traveler insight. Enjoy the journey, and we wish you happy and safe travels!