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The Luxury Travel BlogWhile traveling can lead you to fantastic new places with breathtaking views, refreshing atmospheres and both human and natural wonders, we know that a little advice on choosing a destination, smoothing out the logistics and discovering the best attractions and activities is helpful in creating an absolutely unique experience.

At The Luxe Travel, we aim to provide you with all of the essentials on making your travel experience a luxury one, whether it’s via the luxury of time, surroundings, food, accommodations or simply avoiding stress with a little extra investment. We have included a selection of featured destinations based on our collective travel experiences, desirable destinations around the world or hidden gems that beg discovery and offer an escape from touristic hustle and bustle.

You may be seeking a historical journey through mankind’s most notable creations and achievements, or perhaps a serene setting with picturesque landscapes inviting a stroll where you can enjoy the calm with a glass of wine and easy conversation. Maybe an action-packed, adrenaline-inducing adventure is what you seek for a jolt from your routine reality. Perhaps you don’t care where you go, you just want to go. We have all kinds of getaways and adventures featured on our blog to meet the dreams of all travelers, and to inspire those who are searching for a worthwhile experience.


A sampling of our features includes seaside escapes in the U.S., tropical paradises of the Caribbean, a cultural experience at the Amazonian-edge of Peru, timeless classics in Italy and the surprise juxtaposition of canyoning adventures and quaint mountain villages in the South of France. We also have features on useful advice for streamlining the in-between, not-so-fun parts of traveling, such as tips on how to make an airport less stressful or choosing functional yet aesthetically acceptable attire. However, this is only a small selection of what The Luxe Travel offers in helping you fashion the experience of a lifetime (over and over again!).


We happen to know that the world is an extremely large place, so large in fact that we haven’t been able to cover even close to all of it! So please do send us requests and suggestions for travel features, locations, activities, packages and travel tips here.


We hope you enjoy the wonders you discover on our blog, and we wish you all the best on your next adventure. Happy and safe travels!